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Antiquity 3D is a comprehensive collection of photo scanned assets originating from real world museums and archaeological sites across Greece and Italy, including such famous locations as Pompeii, Herculaneum, Rome, Athens, Paestum, Delphi, and Mycenae. This collection has been gathered over 3 years of traveling to the aforementioned locations.

Please be advised, this is NOT a modular kit, the assets are designed to match with each other, yet you won't be able to snap pieces together on a grid as in modular kits. The example city scene is built as an example to demonstrate what you can assemble yourself by placing together, scaling, rotating and vertex painting the assets.

This pack's main focus are the statues and sculptural elements, structural elements are secondary and provided to create a proper environment for the demo scene. Unreal Engine's default sky blueprint comes with this pack.

In order to use this pack or its parts commercially, you can incorporate it into your own project, please be advised that simply re-selling this project - as is - on any given platform is prohibited.

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Technical Details

Main Features:

路 Example city scene built with all of the assets

路 Both Static and Dynamic day / night time lighting

路 Dirt Vertex paint on many materials

路 Photo Scanned real life statues and sculpture

路 Photo Scanned real life fragments of archaeological sites

Technical Details:

路 Albedo maps - 4k

路 Normal maps - 4k

路 Height Maps - 4k

路 Roughness maps - 4k

路 Collision: Automatically generated

路 Average range of triangle count per asset - 5k to 15k

路 LODs: Yes

路 Number of Meshes: 150

路 Number of Materials: 129

路 Number of Textures: 318

Platforms Tested: Windows, Oculus Rift.

Documentation Included: No

1 x Day time dynamic lighting scene

1 x Day time static lighting lighting scene

1 x Night Time dynamic lightning scene

1 x Night Time static lightning scene

1 x All Objects dynamic lighting scene



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