Beefy Water Hole (Water System)

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Update April 24 (See Twitter videos for more info, link below).

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Featuring an unlit, stylized water material with 50+ parameters for customization - Includes animated shorelines ( w/ options for Depthfade, DistanceFields, or Heightmap based techniques), vertex paint masking, wave color highlights, opacity effects, refraction, and simple wave vertex animations.

An efficient blueprint system for constructing tile-able water meshes and splines - Change water mesh, material, and default particles for enter and exit splashes (if an overlapping actor uses the BeefyInteraction component system, those particles specified in the component are used).

Easy to use BeefyInteractionComponent blueprint system designed for Player/Object particle interactions. Set custom particles to spawn while entering , exiting, wading, or idling in water - adjust particle spawn time intervals, and assigns particle color depending on water material.

**Grass sold separately. Does not include underwater post-processing effects, or reflections.

Technical Details

Main Features:

  • Blueprints for constructing water mesh tiles and splines.
  • Custom water material and wake/ripple particle material, with 4 material instances each.
  • 6 Wake, ripple, and splash particles of various size and LOD.
  • Easy-to-use ActorComponent designed for quick interactive particle setup. (Automatic enter/exit splashes, movement/idle wake functionality.) (Buoyant forces with physics enabled.)
  • Example ThirdPersonController/Projectile/StaticMeshActor with interactive particles setup.


  • SunPositioner day/night cycle. (Requires SunPositionCalculator plugin.)
  • BeefyDepthFog post process material with dynamic color parameters.
  • BeefyCelShader post process material with dynamic color parameters. (PP material does not support Mobile)

Number of Blueprints: 7


  • Movement: Default ThirdPerson controls
  • Shoot Projectile: RightMouseButton

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows/Mac/Console/Mobile

Documentation: Beefy WaterHole FAQ's

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