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Quickly and easily cel-shade your characters, objects, and visual effects and add up to 25 different customizable styles of outlines to your scene!

SRS allows you to create a variety of different, dynamic art styles for your projects, mimicking the art style found in anime, cartoons or manga. Little to no technical knowledge is required!

  • Simple: SRS was made to be easy to use. You do not have to understand materials, shaders or UE4's post-process system to create your desired art-style.
  • Easy: Cel-Shading can be set-up in a matter of minutes by dragging the SRS actor into your scene, and enabling custom-depth on selected objects.
  • Customizable: More than 100 different parameters in structured categories allow control over every system of SRS
  • Dynamic: The post-process based approach of SRS allows cel-shaded objects to dynamically react to shadows and light sources
  • Adaptable: SRS provides options to disable unneeded features to improve performance on lower-end devices

Are you looking for a cel-shader that works on mobile and features material-level control of nearly cel-shading parameter?

Take a look at the Mobile Version of SRS: Stylized Rendering System for Mobile/VR (Cel-Shader) !

Update II: Patch Notes

With the Update II for UE5 and up, you'll see bugfixes, slight code cleanup and the new 'Screen Percentage' input.

  • Added 'Screen Percentage' input variable in SRS Actor under General>Advanced. This input can be used to inform SRS of your current viewport screen percentage, so that SRS will adjust the thickness of outlines accordingly. This fixes issues where outlines would grow with lower screen percentages, and shrink with screen percentages higher than 100%


  • Fixed highlights, rimlights and shadows appearing slightly jagged on translucent objects on low-poly meshes
  • Fixed Custom Depth Stencil masking of the cel-shader not working when 'Only on Custom Depth' is disabled
  • Fixed updating of daytime not updating cel-shader automatically
  • Fixed some outline types appearing in front of translucent objects

While downloading all SRS versions for all UE versions (UE4.26+) is not possible through the marketplace, if necessary, you can contact me via email, to receive the updated versions of SRS for older engine versions.

Major Content Update I: Patch Notes

The Major Content Update I is a free update for all owners of SRS. It is available for UE4.27 and higher versions.

  • Added the "Anisotropic Highlight" and "Anisotropic Direction" Parameter to materials to allow switching between different highlight shapes.
  • Added the option to choose between the "Overwrite" or "Blend" mode for the Shadow Color or Highlight Color.
  • Overwrite: The specified Shadow/Highlight Color directly gets applied to the shadows/highlights. The object's base color does not affect the final color of the shadows/highlights.
  • Blend: Default mode, where the Shadow/Highlight color gets multiplied by the base color to determine the final color
  • Added options to control various different settings regarding color, highlights, shadows depending on the time of day, which can be specified in the SRS actor
  • Added option to switch between 2 different "Directional Light Actors", so highlights and rimlights can react to both moon and sun, depending on the time day
  • Added the option to tint all cel-shaded objects to make them better fit into your scenes.
  • Decreased maximum highlight size to allow for more precise editing
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Technical Details


  • Stylized Rendering System Actor, a post process volume for general control of cel-shading and outline system
  • Standard, Metallic, Translucent and Hair Shading
  • 7 pattern textures for control over patterns in shadows and highlights of objects
  • 7 gradient textures for control over transition from shadows to no shadow and highlight to no highlight
  • 10 curve assets for Daytime based shading changes
  • 2 Master Materials for normal and translucent
  • 15 demo material instances
  • 8 demo textures
  • 3 Material Functions for setting up compatibility in your materials with SRS
  • 18 other utility material functions
  • Light Manager Component to manage light colors for cel-shaded lights mode

Number of Blueprints: 3 (+ 4 Demo Blueprints)

Performance: No noticable performance decrease when playing in editor with SRS and one outline type enabled. (Tested on AMD Ryzen 5 3500X, Radeon RX 570, 8GB of RAM)

Known Compatibility Issues: Ultra Dynamic Sky

Replication: Local

Supported Development Platforms: All

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes(Set the D3D11 Tesselation Mode in the master material to No Tesselation to improve performance)


Important/Additional Notes: All Styles shown in the trailer and in the product images were created using SRS, however not all shown styles are shipped with SRS. SRS is simply a tool for creating cel-shaded styles.

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