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Utage is a tool for creating visual novels easily using Unity. All you need to do is simply write the scenario data in an Excel file, so there is no need to learn any difficult scripting languages. You can create not only visual novels, but also conversation scenes for games.

Detail: Web Site

UTAGE3 is an evolution of UTAGE2, which won the grand prize in the Japanese Asset Store Contest , and has added a lot of features. Those who have purchased UTAGE 2 in the past can purchase it at an upgrade price.

With version 3, we added various functions such as sprite animation, \"eye blink and lip sync\", transition effect, image effect correspondence and so on.

Version3 Features: Web Site

The following asset are governed by the licenses indicated below.

1. iTween


2. UnityChan

Unity-Chan License Version 2.0

This is used in \"Sample Only\".


Apache License Version 2.0

This is used in \"Editor Only\".

For details, please read Utage / Notice.txt.

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