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Last Updated: January 29th, 2023

Current Published Version: V7.0.3

This plugin does support third person by default in regards to animation. If you are in third person view it will switch over to using the set third person poses.

C++ Is not required to use this plugin; however, I recommend that you at least have a basic understanding of blueprints to use this framework. This plugin contains over 15000 lines of code so it is not small.

Example Content / Tutorial Playlist / Support Discord Server / Example Demo (Work In Progress) / Changelog/ Blueprint Function list (Auto Generated)

VR Support:

I have been working with this plugin the past few weeks making my own little game in VR with it. As far as VR support goes this plugin has gone smoothly with it and is going well. I am making updates to the plugin periodically to better support VR from the start.

Who is this plugin for:

If your looking to build a unique multiplayer FPS shooter that doesn't restrict what you can do, then this framework is for you! This is designed to be used as a base and not a plug and play kit so there is work that needs to be done by you. This gives the advantage of being open to your own or other's implementations and ease of merging with other existing systems. Unlike the majority of products on the marketplace, this has been designed to not tie you down into using only my system (or being a huge pain to alter/expand), I want you to expand it and merge with other peoples work!

What does this plugin contain:

This plugin has over 15 months of development time. I am working with people developing a game utilizing this plugin as well as helping others using it to better test the plugin in real world use as that's what its intended for to build unique games and not just asset flips from kits that are plug and play and locked into their own system like commonly seen on the marketplace.

There is a lot that this plugin contains to where it is impossible to list everything (not an exaggeration). If you have any questions please join the discord and feel free to ask me. I am online and very active: [SK] Cody. If your wondering if this plugin has a certain feature, it most likely does

This plugin contains a variety of features that you will find at the core of most common first person shooters!

The features range from procedural animation for sway, weapon collision, short stocking, sprinting, high and low ready, recoil, movement lag, rotation lag, position adjustments, and more all setup in an easy to use way. Update 5.0 also contains a reworked procedural recoil system that is graph driven with randomization options!

A component that you add to your character which acts as the core of this plugin. You do most things through this component such as triggering the procedural animations and interacting with the firearm and parts.

There is full firearm customization framework with a provided example UI that can allow you to build a complete firearm literally from scratch (including every pin, every bolt, and every spring).

All firearm parts are supported ranging from functional stocks (changing length of pull), handguards, barrels, muzzle devices, optics, magnified optics, forward grips, lights and lasers, and more. All of these have optimized built in replicated functionality as well as a huge list of settings allowing you complete and easy control over them.

Range finders with support for imperial and metric.

Grenade class with a custom implementation for keeping client grenades in sync with the servers. This supports Fuse timers, Cooking, Explode on impact, Max bounces before Dud, and Dud destroy time.

Much much more! Please feel free to ask any questions about any feature you may have, odds are its included.

What is the goal of this plugin:

Short and simple. The goal of this plugin was to build a First person shooter framework that I would use personally for my own project. It is something that I want to build to the best of my abilities, be project independent for games of multiple styles, easy to incorporate into other marketplace content such as ALS, and be fully useable and simple to use through blueprint without the need for C++ knowledge. Keep in mind this is not a plug and play kit where you just change assets, this is a framework. You can use it as a kit as I provide example blueprint classes on how to use the framework if you wish, but its intended purpose is to be used as a base to build your own unique games.

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Technical Details


  • Written Entirely in C++ and Event-Driven to remain fast and Efficient compared to blueprint counterparts
  • Fastest render target based scopes on the marketplace
  • Full Procedural Animation System
  • Attachment system for all types of customization including characters
  • Safe/Semi/Full Auto/Burst fire modes
  • Custom Physical Materials
  • Magnified Scopes
  • Simulated Scope Eye box
  • Lights/Lasers
  • Forward Grips
  • Magnifiers
  • Offset Mounts
  • Flip Mounts
  • Red Dots/Holograph Sights
  • Changing Reticles
  • Changing Reticle Brightness
  • Night Vision
  • Thermal Vision
  • Muzzle Devices (such as suppressors and compensators)
  • Firearm Collision Handling
  • Much Much More that cannot even come close to fitting in this list!

Code Modules:

  • UltimateFPSFramework
  • UltimateFPSEditor
  • SKGSceneCapture
  • SKGProjectile
  • SKGMeshComponent
  • SKGHoleComponent
  • SKGGrenade
  • SKGCrosshair
  • SKGAttachment
  • SKGAnimGraph
  • Niagara, Runtime

Number of Blueprints: In Example Project

Number of C++ Classes: 64

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, MacOS

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, MacOS


Support Email:

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