Multi Task 2 (Multi threading & Procedural Plugin) 2.1.7

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Multi Task 2 enables multi-threading in Blueprints in the fastest, cleanest and the most efficient way.

Built from scratch, with Blueprints in mind, Multi Task 2 comes with extra robustness, stability, speed and functionality, allowing users to safely enable multi-threading in their Blueprint projects.

Knowledge of multi-threading is not required since Multi Task 2 itself will enable users to develop performant games and applications.

Being the successor of Multi Task Pro , Multi Task 2 comes with easy to use functionality based on user feedback and over two years of experience in the industry.

Why a separate product?

Since Multi Task 2 has been completely rebuilt from scratch, it is no longer compatible with the previous version ( Multi Task Pro ).


Multi Task 2 is a state-of-the-art software, ready for production, which allows to easily bring multi-threading and runtime procedural functionalities in all of your projects.

Multi Task 2 is currently developed only for UE5 and above.

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Demo projects can be found here.

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Technical Details


  • Async Task
  • Async Loop 1D/2D/3D Task
  • Multi-Thread Task
  • Parallel Tasks
  • Pixel Reader (multi-threaded)
  • Spawn HISM Instances (multi-threaded/parallel)
  • Update HISM Instances - Transforms/Custom Float Data (multi-threaded/parallel)
  • Ability to Async update physics bodies
  • Custom Thread Pools
  • Mutex
  • Thread Safe Boolean
  • Thread Safe Integer
  • Thread Safe Collision Testing
  • Lots of other utility stuff
  • Convert Render Target to UTexture2D at runtime
  • Create UTexture2D at runtime
  • Read Image File to Pixel Data (multi-threaded)
  • Read Image URL to Pixel Data (multi-threaded)
  • Delaunay Triangulation 2D (multi-threaded)
  • Pixel Data Dithering (Floyd Steinberg) (multi-threaded)
  • Read URL To Data (Send HTTP/S requests(GET, POST etc)

Generate Geometry Features (4.26 and above):

  • Multi-threaded
  • Helper functions for chunked systems and Density Data retrieving
  • Fast & reliable
  • Build Density Data(value/color) using Blueprint Graphs
  • Ability to pass pre-generated Density Data(voxel edits)
  • Multiple customization features
  • LOD support
  • Ability to use Gradient Normals(advanced/basic) or Triangle Normals with or without Flat Shading.
  • Force Manifold meshes.
  • Ability to update AI Navigation data automatically or manually
  • Simple, Tetrahedrons and Dual algorithms

Supported Development/Target Build Platforms: Win32/64, Android, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation

Documentation: Here

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