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+Added Equip&Unequip animations. (Gun + Two Gun) - 2022/08/31

!! Changes from an existing file (1.1ver)

(They have been changed for user convenience.)

  • Some animation files have been renamed.
  • The merged animation files were split.


This asset is for main character and wonderful combos with a gun & guns in the air will add splendor to a slow project.

Do make your game like DMC.

Recommend: hyper action RPG game, main character, Gunslinger


  • Dynamic Keyframe animation
  • Generic and Humanoid version included
  • Root motion and Inplace motion included
  • A T-pose included

Animation List

<General motions + Gun(Single Gun) motions>

aim 1

attack 26

combo 8


dead 11

defence 1

down 4

groggy 3 (start, loop, end)

hit 16

idle 1

jump 2

knockdown 4

movement(Combat) 16

movement(Banking) 2

movement(Normal) 17

reload 1

revival 3

roll 2

sit 3 (start, loop, end)

step(Combat) 2

step(Normal) 2

stun 3 (start, loop, end)

Equip / Unequip


<TwoGun(Double Gun) motions>

Aim 2 (Aim, ready)

attack 8

combo 12

defence 1

idle 1

jump 2

movement(Combat) 17

movement(Banking) 2

reload 2

reload aiming 2

step(Combat) 2

Equip / Unequip

Update Note

1.2 - Added Equip&Unequip animations. (Gun + Two Gun) (2022/08/31)

1.1 - GUID conflict Fix & Character modeling change & Cleaned up unnecessary folders and files (2022/05/30)

1.0 - First Release (2019/03/20)



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