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The Sparse Grid Plugin is a high-performance spatial sorting system for Unreal Engine 4, allowing developers to perform ultra-fast queries for objects without the need to use collision tests or iterators.

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The plugin quickly and seamlessly integrates into any C++ or BP project. Use the editor tool to define the play-area of your level (or update it on-the-fly), and add the Sparse Grid Component to any object you wish to register with the system. It's as easy as that!

You can then use the built-in search queries (or create your own), to query those objects very quickly. The system is fully exposed to blueprint, so no C++ knowledge is required to implement.

Common Use-Cases Include:

  • AI bot searching for an enemy.
  • Swarms of homing projectiles searching for targets individually.
  • A radar pinging local objects.
  • Applying damage to a wide range of objects.
  • Testing against players for local-area VOIP.
  • And so on...

Greatly Benefits the following:

  • Games with large/open worlds.
  • Games with high density/number of actors (RTS, Battle Royale etc.)
  • Games with complex or large numbers of AI.
  • Games requiring unique or highly modified collision settings.
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Technical Details


  • Written entirely in C++
  • Neatly exposed to Blueprints
  • Built for performance and flexibility. Sorting and searching is extremely fast and transparent, requires no network bandwidth and memory allocation/deallocation can be carefully tailored to suit each level.
  • Seamless support for Multiplayer, World Composition and Level Streaming.
  • Five built-in search queries (Sphere, Capsule, Box, AABB, Cone)
  • Exposed methods allows you to easily build your own search queries in C++ and BP, and benefit from the grids performance.
  • Extendable API and full source code.
  • Fully documented code.
  • Full support for UE4 profiling tools and includes several custom debugging/monitoring tools, such as heat-mapping.
  • Available for 4.18 and above.

Code Modules:

  • ST_SparseGrid (Runtime - 6 Classes)
  • ST_SparseGridEditor (Editor - 10 Classes)


  • Sparse Grid Runtime Components
  • Sparse Grid Editor & Debugging Tools
  • Sparse Grid Blueprint Macro Library
  • Sparse Grid Blueprint Function Library
  • Documentation -

Supports ALL platforms! (Tested on Win64, Android & PS4)

Support Note: Mac/IOS is currently unsupported in 4.18 version ONLY.

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