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This pack contains a compass system created for FPS, TPS, RPG, AVG, battle royale and puzzle games with smooth dynamic compass UI widgets and customizable example markable actors, players are allowed to set marks for those objects and display them on the user interface as well as remove the marks that has been set, also there are some visual effects can help players quickly find and return to those marks.


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  • Video Demo v2.0
  • Windows Demo v2.0


  • PDF v2.0


  • All done with blueprints and have been commented and properly arranged.
  • Contains an example markable object, it was created for you to test and use to create some simple mark, also let you know how this system works. It has some customizable variables such as show collision for debugging, custom mesh, collision radius.
  • Contains an example markable first person character blueprint class, it was created to interact with the example markable objects and move around to explore the whole system.
  • Quick setup and easy to use.
  • Network replication is supported.
  • Full controller/gamepad support.
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Technical Details


  • Mouse & Keyboard
  • Gamepad


  • 12x bluprint, 8x widgets, 1x structure, 2x float curves
  • 8x static mesh, 1x skeletal mesh
  • 27x texture, 12x material, 3x material instance
  • 1x level


  • Windows / MacOS


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  • Unreal Engine
  • 4.27
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