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Universal Monster (UM) is an easy to use NPC AI Combat Framework, which is meant to expedite your process of turning your character models and animations into fully functioning AI ready to populate your game world. From humanoids to magical fantasy beasts, UM has the ability to work with any skeleton as long as they have similar animations: idle, walk, attack, hit, etc. Universal Monster comes with a few default AI behaviors to help get you started, but is also capable of any behavior you can think of. UM has basic tasks that you decide when they are executed by giving them specific conditions, very similar to how an animation blueprint state machine works.


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Games Using UM:

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions (Demo Available)

Monsters by Protofactor INC. are NOT included

Movement Update v1.4: Price increase to $159.99

• Movement States: Swimming & Flying

• Movement Tasks: Option for non-navmesh movement

• Avoidance: Non-navmesh movement obstacle avoidance

• AI Group Logic: Attack in Unison, Spread among Multiple Targets, Group Alert, etc.

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Technical Details

• Multiplayer Support: Network Replicated

• Animation Blueprint: Adaptable to any Skeleton

• Easy to Use: Simply add BP_UMComponent to your existing Character or make a child of BP_UMEnemy

• Melee Hit Detection: Easy to Setup

• Bullet Trace: Accounts for Gravity, Wind, and Drag

• Extremely Customizable Projectiles: #Shots, #PerShot, Angle, Spacing

• Special Attack Hit Detection: AoE, Cone, Line, DoT

• Spawnable Timers for Traces and Effects

• Abilities System: Easy to Combine with any Stats System

• Faction System: Manage Faction Relations

• Stimuli Conditions: React differently based on Conditions

• Paths: Any number of AI can use the same BP_UMPath

• Roaming: Random Point within adjustable Radius of Spawn Location

• Look Around: AI will Turn left or right using 45 or 90 degree Root-Motion Turning Montages

• AI Movement while Attacking

• Hit Reactions

• Hit Effects: Knockback, Status Effect, SFX, VFX

• Dynamic Group Formations: Customizable Spacing, Angle, Leader Position and More

⠀◻ ⠀Square Formation: Auto-Calculate units per row or set it manually

⠀△ ⠀Wedge and Inverted Wedge Formations ▽

⠀◯⠀Circle Formation: Automatically evenly spaces units and Leader can be in the center ⊙

⠀⌒ ⠀ Arc Formation: Automatic Spacing, Angle customization, and Leader can be in the center

⠀˄⠀ ⠀V Formation: Adjust Angle to 180 to create Wall Formation or Angle > 180 to create Inverted V Formation

⠀ |⠀ ⠀Line Formation: Adjust Angle to create Echelon Formation ╲

⠀😠⠀Mob Formation: Random location around Leader with adjustable Angle and EdgeDensity

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