Santa Claus Traditional Christmas Hero

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"Traditional Santa Claus character with a painterly classic look.

tested with Unity 2018, does not include SRP materials yet. Full Unity 5 support, PBR Materials and textures for Unity standard shader, detailed documentation and mini-tutorials and 43 animations.

Link to webplayer demo.
Link to documentation PDF.
Link to Playmaker tutorial PDF.

Medium resolution mechanim humanoid and HumanIK compatible game character, 9.8 k polys, 15.7 k tris, textures for Unity 5 standard shader and optimized for color only mobile unlit shaders, so in spite of the polycount it is usable for mobile (if the rest of the scene is not too crowded).

Includes 4k textures for Unity 4 spec/gloss + normalmap with heavy padding so textures still look OK in 256x256 pixels.blendshapes for phonemes (talking) and emotion
Mouth and eyelids open/close via joints, so he can be setup to talk without using the blendshapes if that is wanted.

Included textured model props:

- gift parcels
- candycane
- hardliner cane
- sack open and sack closed
- a small presentation lowpoly landscape with textures
and a winter mountain skybox.

Includes 43 animations:
(most in place and root, with and without carrying sack)
-walk (also turning)
-run (also turning)
-hit with cane
-walk to idle
-give present
-jump and die
-slide, victory, hit with sack
-13 talking animations

Snow particle system from demo not included.

Contains a script to easily attach props like the cane or the sack to the hands of the model at runtime.

Bonus gift: 9 of Santa's voice clips, recorded with my own voice in 9 imperfect but hopefully charming audio samples. Use them if you dare:-)

Includes iClone5 avatar file so iClone users can animate & lipsync Santa right away.
Demo scene included.

Email me at if you have questions or input.

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