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NatDevice is a cross-platform media device API for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. NatDevice provides powerful abstractions for using hardware cameras and microphones through a concise .NET API. Features include:

- High Resolution Camera Preview. NatDevice exposes device cameras that allow for full HD previews and higher where supported.

- Low Latency Microphone Recording. NatDevice exposes microphones that stream audio data to your code on a dedicated audio thread.

- High Resolution Photo Capture. NatDevice cameras support high-res photo capture with flash.

- Camera Focus. NatDevice cameras support setting the focus point and focus lock (disabling autofocus).

- Camera Exposure. NatDevice cameras support setting the exposure point, exposure bias, exposure lock, and manual exposure (exposure duration and ISO).

- Camera Zoom. NatDevice cameras support optical zoom.

- Camera White Balance Lock. NatDevice cameras can lock the white balance if the device supports it.

- Microphone Format Control. NatDevice microphones can record in mono or stereo and at different sample rates.

- Torch Control. On mobile platforms, NatDevice cameras support torch control, even when camera preview is not running.

- NatML Integration. NatDevice has developed to seamlessly integrate with NatML for building high performance machine learning-powered apps.

- NatCorder Integration. NatDevice tightly integrates with our video recording API NatCorder , which supports recording MP4 videos, animated GIF images, WAV audio files, and so on.

- OpenCV Integration. NatDevice has seamless integration with OpenCVForUnity . Check out the official example .

Join the NatML community on Discord .

Check out the NatDevice documentation .

See more NatML projects on GitHub .

Read the NatML blog .

Discuss NatDevice on Unity Forums .

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