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Play different audio clips and spawn prefabs based on what you’re stepping on and use IK for foot placement on the ground. All features are supported in 2D and 3D games - it doesn’t matter if you’re going 1st person, 3rd person, top down or any other style, Footstepper has got you covered!

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Create reusable Footstep Materials (assets) for your different ground types like wood, grass, stone or water. Footstep Texture Materials (assets) link textures/sprites with footstep materials.

Footstep Source components add footstep effects to game objects, terrains or areas in your scene. Finally, add a Footstepper component to everything that should use footsteps (e.g. the player).

Using Effect Tags allows you to play different footstep effects (audio clips, prefabs) for different characters (e.g. light and heavy), or change the effects based on the environment (e.g. sunshine or rain).

The (optional) Footstep Manager allows pooling footstep prefabs and can use footstep texture materials as global fallback lookups to find footstep effects for textures/sprites of terrains and renderers.

Play footsteps automatically when the game object is moving (e.g. for FPS games) or more precisely using animation events, Footstep Triggers or via custom scripts (e.g. in your player controls).

Please note that this is a scripting/tool only and doesn't contain any audio clips or particle effects.


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