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I truly believe that this asset will drastically transform the way you work with Unity. Take advantage of the lightning fast workflow, tools and awesome combinable effects to create beautiful sprites, UI elements and particles that will take the visuals of your projects to a whole new level.

Thousands of users are already using the asset and hundreds of them have already left very positive reviews. Take a look at the browser playable interactive demo and see for yourself how much can be done with a single sprite, the possibilities are endless!

🎮Interactive Demo ➡ WebGL Browser Demo Link


- Works out of the box with ALL render pipelines (Built-in, URP and HDRP)

- URP 2D Renderer Lights support

- 2 click setup and shader will work on any Renderer (Sprite, Particles, Tilemap, Sprite Shape etc…)

- 2 click setup and shader will work on any UI Graphic

- Compatible with Unity 2D Animation and Spine


- Stack and combine 44+ completely different effects. Endless possibilities!

- Easy to use, 2 click setup, lighting fast workflow

- Optimized mobile ready shader. Unlike competing assets all included shaders have been hand written, profiled and optimized line by line thus ensuring the best possible performance

- Only enabled effects cost performance

- Sprite Atlas support

- Automatic draw call batching

- The custom Material Inspector offers you full control over the rendering options in case you need them: Blending, Culling, ZTest, ZWrite, Fog etc...

- Everything can be accessed and modified via script

- Extra tools to create normal maps and gradients

- Bake results into an exportable texture

- Awesome Demos included (see WebGL Demo )

- Extensive, complete Documentation included

- Quality, short video Tutorials included

♻️By owning this asset you get a nice discount on its spiritual successor, All In 1 Vfx Toolkit. It includes the best and most complete VFX shader on the store a hundreds of assets, editor tools and much more. Check it out: All In 1 Vfx Toolkit

✅Support emails are answered within a 24h period✅

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