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HurricaneVR is a complete VR Interaction Framework with a heavy emphasis on quality physics interactions. The Physics Hands are controlled by tuned PD Controllers enabling smooth and responsive hand physics, high quality collision, two handed holding, throwing, and interactions with your physics objects.

-All Major Headsets, XR Plugins, Unity versions 2019 and up are supported allowing you to target multiple devices and platforms.

Pairs well with the BW Style Hexabody Player Controller for a complete physics experience.

Be sure to give the Demo a try!

Discounted HexaBodyVR Bundle

⭐ Recent Updates ⭐

- Haptic Enhancements for Guns, Hand & Force Grabber, Hand and Held Object Collisions

- Force Grabber and Hand Grabber Hover and Grab Poses

- Pose swapping mechanic on held objects. Flip knives in your hand!

- Advanced Stabbing System w/ Customizable Stab Difficulty and Friction

- Brand new Examples scene loaded with demonstrations of asset features.

⭐ Grab Interactions⭐

- Smooth and Responsive One and Two Handed Physics Grabbing

- Supports custom rigged hand models

- Advanced Pose Editor with per finger animations and bone mirroring

- Dynamic Auto Pose Solving using Physics

- Gravity Gloves or Force Grab style remote grabbing

- Line Grab - grab anywhere on the line w/ optional grip adjustment

- Dynamic Auto Poser Live Updates in editor view for quick pose creation

- Configurable one and two hand strength per grabbable

- Powerful socket system with easy filtering and auto scaling by mesh size

- SteamVR Finger Tracking Integration (Knuckles etc.)

⭐ Player Controller⭐

- Sit / Standing Modes with Height Calibration

- Smooth locomotion with smooth and snap turning

- Player can crouch, sprint, and jump

- Teleport with dash to destination option

- Post Teleport collision safey check of hands and held objects

⭐ Weapon Examples ⭐

- Gun System and Gun Creation Editor

- Customizable physics based gun recoil

- Physics Based Bow and Arrows

- Advanced Stabbing System w/ Customizable Stab Difficulty and Friction

⭐ Samples included ⭐

- Physics interactables: Doors, drawers, dials, buttons, and levers, combination safe

- Over the shoulder backpack inventory with auto collect

- Auto collecting chest inventory

- Waist Holsters with configurable orientation

- Keypad door unlock

- SMG, Pump Shotgun, Pistol

- VRIK Example Scene

- UI Interactions

- EmeraldAI v3 Example

⭐ Integrations ⭐

HexaBody VR Player Controller

Final IK / VRIK Integrated with interaction system


Discord Support


Example Scene Demo

This asset works with any render pipeline because it's a framework, not a 3d model package.

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