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Horror Mechanics is a base template that includes most common features found in first person horror games, such as first person arms/body, interactive objects, drawers, doors, interactive lights, puzzles, inventory system, examinable objects and keys, all integrated into a "generic checkpoint system" interface.


[Overview Video]

[In-Editor Video]


Download: Windows 64bit [ZIP]


For more "blueprint related" details, and how it works in general have a look at the documentation here:



Discord Server:


This template requires you to have some experience with blueprints, character retargeting and asset management, might not be recommended for beginners as it uses the most performance optimized workflow for some of its systems which ends up being not very "user friendly".

Technical Details


* Furniture with interactive drawers / doors

* Physics based/animated interactive doors

* Examinable objects: examinable environment objects and inventory items, with interactive spots

* Documents: Books and Notes with textures shared between 3D actors in-level and on screen (2D)

* Inventory System: Manages all collected items, documents, wieldable items (flashlights, weapons)

* Interactive lights: desk lamps, ceiling lights, light switches

* Keys: Examinable keys and VirtualKeys (not listed in inventory list) for unlocking doors or furniture drawers / doors

* Wieldable items: equip-able items like flashlights and weapons, uses a simple character interface for playing animations in both first person arms and body

* Puzzles: actor class for interactive actors, with implementable events for combining inventory items into puzzles

* Objectives: basic objective system for adding, activating, and triggering in-level event dispatchers

* Actor for triggering events when player is looking / not looking at certain directions

* Basic physics manipulation

* Basic UI inventory system: dragging, reordering, combining and discarding inventory items | viewing collected documents

* Basic Checkpoint / SaveGame system for all actor classes

* Player character with first person arms and separated first person body (this means that you need to be able to edit your character mesh in a DCC software like Blender, or use a simplified (but functional) different version from the screenshots/videos)

Number of Blueprints: 40+

Input: Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: See description


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