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The Advanced Framework-Universe ready to experience in cross-platform multiplayer. The builds features the Advanced Framework Core as well as all currently available Extensions. Available extensions can be purchased separately on the Marketplace.

AdvancedFramework - Universe Desktop

AdvancedFramework - Universe VR

The Framework is created to provide a production ready foundation for VR, Desktop and Mobile applications.


VR: Modular highly configurable component based VR Motion Controller System

Desktop: First person character controllable through Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad.

Mobile: FP Character with fully functioning touch interface.


  • Grabbing: PickUp, Physics, Throw, Rotate Objects
  • Dragging: Pressing buttons, Drawers, Doors, Levers, Valves, Sliders
  • Snapping & Anchor system
  • Gaze View
  • Teleporter
  • Object Highlight System (Post Process, Mesh and Material based)


The framework introduces a component based replication system to easily replicate all states any actors state. The Framework offers a ready to use multiplayer solution using the Epic Online Subsystem.

EOSLink -- Easy Multiplayer Backend


A huge variety of combine-able movement modes.

  • Walk/Fly
  • Teleportation (Free/Component/NavMesh)
  • Ghost Movement


A flexible interactive Object Highlight System

  • Post Process
  • Mesh highlighting
  • Material highlighting

Dynamic User Interfaces

All interfaces are highly adaptable and intuitive to use.

  • Panel Menu System
  • Radial Menu
  • Pallet System
  • Selection Menu
  • Minitags
  • Information Windows
  • Tiny Display


  • Internationalization
  • Spectator and Camera System (Control avatar on PC while one person is in VR)
  • Loading, Transitions & Intro System
  • Orbit View
  • Vehicle View
  • Tons of Stuff under the hood...
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Technical Details

Note: Create Projects from

4.20-4.23: AVRFramework 2.1

4.24-4.25: AVRFramework 3.1

4.26: AdvancedFramework 4.1


Desktop PC - 4.0

Virtual Reality - 4.0

Mobile Android - 4.0

Oculus Quest - 4.0


  • 237 blueprints
  • 53 structs
  • 137 widgets
  • 16 interfaces
  • 15 levels

Platforms tested:

  • Windows
  • Mac (only community tested)
  • HTC Vive/Pro, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Quest 1/2, Valve Index
  • Android
  • Our Community uses basically every VR Headset out there. Ask them on Discord if you have specific questions.

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