Flat Kit Toon Shading and Water

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The custom shading model is versatile enough to work great for classic cel/toon shading and for unique styles of experimental projects.

Demo Video | Full documentation and FAQ


Polished Toon / Cel shading with lots of capabilities (see below)

Stylized water - super versatile shader and assets that can handle anything from coffee in a cup to an open ocean. Includes buoy script for floating objects to remain on the surface. The water shader is available only in URP.

Outline effect: depth, normal and color outlines that works both with isometric and perspective cameras.

Gradient fog: Multi-stop horizontal/vertical gradient Fog Image Effect.

Terrain shader that works with Unity or third party terrain.

Light Plane shader for 3D highlights and god rays.

Mobile support: all shaders and scripts support Android and iOS.

VR and AR: Full XR support, including Single Pass Stereo Rendering (Unity 2021 or later).

Built-in and URP support - Flat Kit supports both rendering pipelines.

Nice bonuses:

• Precise control over shadows - ideal for character lighting

• Ability to control Unity built-in shadows

• Indirect lighting support

• Intuitive, simple and streamlined interface — use only what you need

• Color the scene precisely — without guesswork

• Full source code

• Elaborated online manual

• Vertex color support, including Polybrush

• If you get Flat Kit you also get 50% discount on Quibli ! Check out how Quibli and Flat Kit complement each other. Together they bring an ultimate stylized rendering solution

Core toon shader overview:

Cel shading with parametric banding: single, steps, curve

Independent cel layers that can be layered to achieve unique look

Height gradient layer

Outline shader with multiple modes

Blend between normal and cel shading with a slider

Specular and rim lighting bring stylized lighting controls to your objects

Normal map support

Reusable custom lighting in a shader library that you can integrate in your shaders (not required).

If you have any questions, please let us know!

| | Online manual

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