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💎 Key points of WaveMaker compared to similar assets

  • This is a mesh modifier, not a visual trick (2D shader with or without vertical offsets). That means it is actually simulated in 3D in the CPU, so devices with GPU support limitations are supported.
  • Your shaders don't need to be specific for this asset, if your shader works with a normal mesh, it will work with WaveMaker, so it supports the same rendering pipelines as your shader.
  • It is a two-way coupling system: Water can affect rigidbodies, volume occupancy is calculated and objects generate waves at the same time. If you pay attention, most buoyancy systems can't do this, allowing for a different way of interaction for your game.
  • You can use the API of the interactors and surface to gather simulation data and use it for your own purposes.

✔️ What the asset CAN do...

  • Create small, medium or long surfaces like pools, portals, ponds, simple river shapes...
  • Generate waves reacting to selected colliders
  • Apply forces to selected rigidbodies to make them float and drift while generating waves due to volume occupation. Complex rigidbody with overlapped setups supported
  • Make the waves look like water, mud, cream and denser liquids at the resolution you want
  • React to static objects or borders by painting the areas of the surface you want to be fixed
  • Works like any other mesh with your own material (hide parts with transparency, change look using shaders, use the API to generate your own effects. etc)

✨ Current Features

  • Unity 2019, 2020, 2021, and all rendering pipelines support. (2018 still supported but needs manual installation of required packages)
  • Mesh properties updated real-time to work with lighting
  • Scene hierarchy agnostic
  • Wave speed, damping and smoothing parameters. Substepping to avoid inestabilities
  • Simple interaction mode based on relative velocity for any shape or orientation of the surface
  • Advanced interaction mode based on occupancy of liquid volume for more advanced features on horizontal surfaces, like Buoyancy and drifting (floating forces)
  • Arbitrary surface position and rotation, length and width
  • Areas can be fixed manually or automatically to ignore them and allow waves to \"hit\" on them
  • Timestep independent
  • Idle/rest status of surfaces to reduce computation to a minimum
  • Many example scenes and create menu shortcuts included

What the asset CAN'T do in the current version...

  • No breaking waves
  • Not suited for huge surfaces like oceans, complicated river shapes and waterfalls
  • It is not a water shader, it's a mesh modifier. No FXs are included. You must use your own shaders / materials and use the API to gather and use the data provided
  • Aerodynamics (effect of wind and such), shore slowdown and similar effects
  • Different behaviour of the surface depending on water depth
  • MeshColliders cannot be used as interactors. Simple colliders should be used instead


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