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HDRP, URP, and Standard (Built-in) pipeline support

Highly customizable pack of VFX and additional bonus assets. The perfect balance between "stylized" and "realistic", these effects will fit perfectly in almost any game. No scripts used in any of the effects, only particle systems, and animator components. Prefabs are 100% perfectly scalable, preserving all component size ratios.

Asset DOCUMENTATION is also available online.

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Main Features:

- 32 Complete and unique VFX Prefabs
- Plus 48 VFX examples in the second Scene
- Shader Graph shaders for URP and HDRP pipelines
- Amplify Shader Editor for Standard pipeline
- Second Scene with bonus content
- PBR Crystal materials
- ForceField materials
- Everything in Local Space
- Perfectly scalable
- Extreme customization options, almost every parameter can be adjusted
- Standard, URP, and HDRP support
- Tons of additional textures, gradients, and meshes
- Deferred and Forward rendering
- 6 Rock debris models
- 7 Weapon models
- 6 Crystal and 8 Crystal shards models
- 200+ Textures and Gradients


- Asset works perfectly fine on PC
- URP version works on mobiles, but you might need to reduce the number of particles for the low-to-middle-end mobile devices.
- Transparent triangle ForceField effects need to be slightly adjusted for Orthographic cameras

Technical information:

- Effects are built with Unity native Particle System (Shuriken, CPU)
- Some of the effects using native animator component with simple animation clips
- Ground Indicators/Impacts are just particles, with custom optimized meshes to reduce overdraw
- Video was recorded on Standard (Built-in) pipeline, Linear Color Space, using only regular Bloom and ACES Tonemappming for the Post-processing Effects
- Interactive Demo Scenes for each pipeline are included

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