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💡 Bring your scenes to life with procedural interactive effects. URP & HDRP.

Spark your game with procedural magic effects, make a fire fighting simulation or puzzle players with elemental interactions, Magio can do it all. Magio comes with 6 performance-optimized procedural effects and 3 high-quality variants aimed at games with high visual fidelity. You can also easily create your own or modify existing effects to work with Magio as all effects are done in Unity's Visual Effects Graph!

Core of Magio is to make any effect instantly fit any mesh or skinned mesh and make it interactive with other effects and surrounding environmental variables. Ignite, spread, extinguish/nullify and customize the effects as you will. Every effect will be unique, procedurally generated in real-time and fitted for the attached gameobjects.

❓ Support

📕 Documentation

📺 Video Tutorials

💬 Discord

🎮 Demos (URP & HDRP)

Core features:

☑ī¸ Easily convert any mesh or skinned mesh to work with Magio or use splash impacts for easy effects.

☑ī¸ Full control over the effect behaviour e.g. spread speed, lifetime.

☑ī¸ Tweak VFX and shader parameters to fit your objects perfectly.

☑ī¸ Integrate SFX and lights to work with the effects.

☑ī¸ Nullify/Extinguish effects with other effects, raycasting or other particle systems.

☑ī¸ Use production-ready effects or integrate your own effects.

☑ī¸ Open code and Visual Effects graphs.

☑ī¸ High-quality demo scenes for URP and HDRP with code and visuals.

ℹī¸ Full feature list

Included polished procedural effects (URP & HDRP):

🔥 Flame

🌿 Plantify

💎 Petrify

❄ī¸ Freeze

☕ Melt

⚡ Electric

High quality variants for high-end effects (HDRP):

🔥 Flame

🌿 Plantify

❄ī¸ Freeze

Magio Shader modes (All of them support linear spreading and nullifying):

- Emission overlay

- Texture override (+ wetness override)

- Dissolve

Optionally you can use your own/third-party shaders by creating compatibility with them. However, naturally most third-party shaders cannot do everything Magio Shaders can (MORE INFO HERE).

Available Add-ons:

☠ī¸ Poison & Wet

â™Ļī¸ Low Poly

Don't forget to claim your FREE Reviewer's Add-on.

Need only to spread fire and/or using Built-In RP? ( Magio VS Ignis comparison )

🔥 Check out IGNIS

💰 Permanent Upgrades/Discounts:

- Magio owners get a (-60%) discount of Ignis (Price: $20)

- Ignis owners get a (-$30) discount of Magio (Price: $120)


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