Rocky Hills Environment Mega Pack (SRP)

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High-quality, semi-realistic 3D environment art package for games and 3D applications version 4.0. Little to no photo source material as most textures are made using Substance Designer or hand-painted. Assets are well optimized as 4k atlases make it light for GPU and memory while prefabs contain LOD levels.

Follow the development thread for more info and possible new resources/updates: Development Thread

Main Pipeline

The main pipeline used is the \"Universal Render Pipeline\" containing one HDRP conversion package inside. Switching to the High definition render pipeline is relatively easy and now works out of the box. To get the latest (TFS) shaders, updated models and features make sure you download using Unity 2021.2.3f1 or higher.

By purchasing this pack, you will get a free upgrade to the (Built-in) version: Rocky Hills Environment - Mega Pack (Built-in)

  • The vegetation contains and works with the third-party tools Custom tree importer (CTI) which is compatible with Advanced Foliage Shader . The custom tree importer shaders provide realistic-looking wind and foliage with minimum performance impact so there is a good possibility of use on lower-end platforms.

  • (TFS - Toby foliage shader) is a new lightweight, fast and simple shader for vegetation made in the Amplify Shader editor. Works in URP and HDRP. *Read more in the \"releases\" tab.

Features and version updates:

• Features

• PBR materials and 4k texture atlases, light for GPU and memory

• Unique cliff meshes with 4 LOD levels

• Modular boulders with 4 LOD levels

• 1227 prefabs total (optimized meshes, merge prefabs, and more)

• Over 500 models

• A variety of ground tiles for summer, fall, and winter

• Unique wood texture tiles

• Unique 4k tree bark texture with roots

• 20 particles

• 17 Amplify shaders

• Editable amplify shaders:

- Detailed Map Coverage Snow (detailed map + customizable animated sparkles, supports tessellation)

- Detailed Map Coverage Moss (detailed map + dry and healthy color, supports tessellation)

- Snow Foliage (simple shader for snow-covered plants)

- Simple Snow Triplanar

- Ice shader

- Running water shader

- Custom Standard (Tessellation)

- 3 New (TFS) foliage shaders: grass, bark, and leaves

• Mesh and ground splats including snow

• Summer, fall, and winter seasons for all assets

• 146 trees and 156 bushes

• 80 new ground plants

• New (TFS) plants, trees, and bushes (208 models)

• High-quality grass models with variations and wind including \"terrain versions\"

• All trees and plants have realistic wind and shading

• 5 Example scenes URP

• 3 Example scenes HDRP

General Information

*Notice! The URP scenes still work in HDRP but they aren't made to work out of the box and will need manual editing.

*Please read the setup instructions provided in PDF format before you start!

For questions follow the thread or contact me via email:

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