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"The Original Big-Value Music Collection - Over 200 Unique Tracks & Musical Cues
Always have high quality music available for your projects with the Ultimate Game Music Collection.
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Music For Any Game
The Ultimate Game Music Collection is the definitive video game stock music pack. Containing 218 tracks and cues, including full content from 11 popular packs and more, it offers a massive library of versatile music, for a variety of genres, from action to fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, everything! All at an affordable price.
The Collection Includes:
- Complete Horror - Listen
- Boss music & Combat Music - Listen
- Casual Game Music - Listen
- Space Music - Listen
- Ambient Music - Listen
- Dungeon Music - Listen
- Fantasy Orchestral Music - Listen
- Themed Location Music - Listen
- Short Cues - Listen
- Sneaking & Espionage Music - Listen
- Title & Trailer Music - Listen
- Seasonal Music - Listen
- Win / Lose Cues, Horror Scares
- 3 Star Cues
- Quest FX, Waypoint Cues
- and more...
Includes Full Content From 11 Popular Music Libraries
The Collection includes some of the Asset Store's highest rated music packs. The Following Packs Are Included In Full...
Boss Music
10 epic battle tracks and combat drum loops.
Complete Horror
51 Ambient tracks, cues and scares.
Combat Collection PRO ★★★★★
21 combat tracks, loops and stings.
Fantasy Music Collection PRO ★★★★★
20 Medieval and fantasy orchestral music tracks.
Casual Music Pack Vol. 1 ★★★★★
9 casual, cartoon styled tracks for mobile games.
Casual Music Pack Vol. 2 ★★★★★
11 more casual tracks for simulators, puzzles and platformers.
Halloween Music Pack ★★★★
4 quality, spooky tracks.
Christmas Music Pack ★★★★★
3 festive, seasonal tracks with multiple edits.
Dungeon LOOPS
5 dark and dangerous horror tracks.
Enemy Music ★★★★★
10 Unique music tracks for fighting and attack.
Space Loops ★★★★★
7 electronic and ambient loops and tracks.
You'll also get...
- 59 unique tracks that are only available in Ultimate Game Music.
Upgrading From Another Pack
If you own a pack that's included in the Ultimate Collection then you can upgrade for a lower cost - difference between your pack's current purchase price and the price of the Ultimate Collection. This discount is automatic, logged in users eligible for an upgrade will see a lower price.
Useful Again & Again
Use the music over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the music in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to. With the Ultimate Game Music Collection you'll always have music to hand.
Industry Quality Music at a Low Price
My aim when creating Ultimate Game Music was to create a comprehensive collection of high quality compositions, that work well in games and that are professionally mixed and mastered, to make game music accessible for developers of all kinds.

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