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💡 Easy To Use ― Each feature has a variety of settings you can tweak to achieve the exact visual result you imagine. These settings have documentation, step-by-step tutorial scenes, and demo scenes that show them off.
💡 Long Term Support ― Space Graphics Toolkit has received regular updates for over 9 years, and it now has an immense amount of features. Thank you to everyone who has supported its development so far!
💡 All Render Pipelines ― This asset supports the standard rendering pipeline, URP, and HDRP. See the documentation for more information.
💡 Full Source Code Included ― If you're a programmer then feel free to tweak the code as much as you like, it's designed to be easy to modify.
💡 Advanced Planet Rendering ― Bring your planets to life with the planet shader. This allows you to dynamically control the water level, water animation, detail textures, night lights, and much more.
💡 Dynamic Planet Mesh LOD ― If you need large planets and high performance then your planet mesh must have dynamic LOD that increases the mesh detail based on camera distance. This difficult task is automatically handled for you with the easy to configure dynamic planet system.
💡 Volumetric Atmosphere ― Seamlessly travel in and out of the atmosphere from space, and admire the atmospheric scattering of the sunlight. This feature has been highly optimized, and each visual parameter is fully customizable.
💡 Seamless Planetary Landing ― Fly your spaceship from space all the way down to the surface of your planets without any loading screens. MeshColliders will automatically be generated as you approach the surface, so you can interact with the planet with any normal Rigidbody physics objects.
💡 Massive Planet Support ― Generate planets so large that heightmaps alone aren't sufficient. When you get close enough, the procedural terrain generation will take over and fill in the gaps for you.
💡 Planetary Object Placement ― Add variety to your planet surfaces using the procedural object placement system using splat maps to define which objects can spawn where. If you need to manually place objects on the surface then you can do that too.
💡 Newtonian Physics ― Quickly add realistic gravitation to your scene. This allows your player and spaceship to realistically orbit and land on planets, and even allows planets to orbit each other.
💡 Planetary Shadow System ― Enhance your scene with high performance dynamic shadows cast from planets and rings. These are compatible with normal shadows, and allow massive bodies to accurately block light in your scene.
💡 Volumetric Gas Giants ― Experience realistic gas giants that allow you to seamlessly fly from space all the way through them. These have been heavily optimized, and even feature atmospheric scattering.
💡 Procedural Starfields ― Replace your skybox with thousands of highly optimized stars that consume almost no memory, and look crisp even when zoomed in. These stars are procedurally placed, and their distribution can be tweaked to achieve any look with ease.
💡 Debris Fields ― Fill your scene with procedurally spawned asteroids and other debris. These can be made to spawn in specific areas such as around planets to form a planetary ring, and much more.
💡 Warp & Dust Effects ― Give a sense of speed to your camera movements with a warp effect that can stretch stars as they fly past the camera. This can also be used to create dust that your camera can glide through, giving the feeling of travelling through a nebula.
💡 Asteroid Belts ― Quickly create asteroid belts with thousands of billboard rocks. These render incredibly fast, and can be used to create asteroid belts and accretion disk effects that look alive.
💡 Floating Origin System ― Explore the whole universe with this simple to use yet powerful system that allows you to simulate a universe of over 50 billion light-years! Combine the procedural spawning features together to create a universe teeming with interesting places to explore.
💡 Black Holes ― Experience the way these massive bodies bend light around them, and how light can't escape the event horizon. This effect is implemented in two ways, allowing you to choose between rendering speed and visual accuracy.
💡 Planetary Rings ― Enhance your planets by adding rings around them, and enjoy the stunning view as light scatters light through them. These rings work with the planetary shadow system too, allowing them to cast their massive shadows across your planets and gas giants.
💡 Animated Aurora ― Create exotic looking planets by adding animated and fully customizable aurora around the poles of your planets. Configure the color and shape of them to your exact needs.
💡 Accretion Disks & Astrophysical Jets ― Simulate the matter surrounding a black hole being sucked in and shot out of the poles. This effect is heavily optimized, and can be configured to achieve any look you desire.
💡 Planetary Cloud Layer ― Add a layer of clouds above your planet that can rotate around and fade out as you approach.
💡 Solar Prominences & Flares ― Bring your stars to life with animated solar flares and prominences that erupt from the surface.
💡 Spaceship Thrusters & Controls ― Explore the stars with the example rocket ship, spaceship controls, and thruster effects.
💡 Spiral & Elliptical Galaxies ― Create massive galaxies with thousands of stars in seconds. These can be customized in any way you like, and are optimized to run on all devices.
💡 Nebula Generation ― Rapidly create a nebula based on a source image, and adjust the settings to achieve any look you desire.
💡 Volumetric Corona ― Seamlessly fly from space, through your star's corona, and down to the surface of your star with this feature.
💡 Optimized Star Flares ― Quickly generate unique looking star flares that can be customized in any way you like, and use almost no memory.
💡 Animated Star Surface ― The star shader allows you to customize the surface of your stars.
💡 Animated Lightning ― Bring your planets to life with fully customizable animated lightning storms.
💡 Gravitational Waves ― Visualize the fabric of spacetime as black holes orbit each other, or how massive bodies bend the space around them.
💡 Photorealistic Visuals ― Carefully tweak each setting and within seconds you can achieve photorealistic results, perfect for space simulations.
💡 Fantasy Visuals ― Use your imagination to create anything you like, including fantasy worlds. Each visual setting has many intuitive settings you can tweak to create any look you like.
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