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RV SmartAI is a lightweight, flexible and high-performance utility AI framework. With SmartAI you’ll be able to visually model complex AI behaviours for your game with ease.

SmartAI and HonorAI comparison table

It can be integrated into any project, regardless of stage, as it doesn’t force you to refactor all of your existing AI code, and can easily coexist and support your already implemented AI logic. Transfer only what you want of your game’s logic to SmartAI! For example you can leave your AIs movement logic untouched, and implement just your fighting logic, or even only target selection logic via AI graphs.

SmartAI is the only graph-based utility AI solution on the asset store that fully supports prefab workflows in AI design process: create reusable graphs, nodes and even single graph elements, using Unity’s powerful prefab variants and property overrides.

Full runtime editing support makes fine-tuning values for utilities so much faster and easier, as you have real time feedback on how changes you're making affects your AI behaviour.

One of the biggest advantage of utility AI concept over FSMs or behaviour trees is that it’s much more scalable in terms of complexity while remaining simple and easy to maintain, understand decision process and debug.

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---​ ​---​​​Features ​ ​​

► Visual node graph editor - write your AI behaviours in C# and play with them like legos

► As easy to use as behaviour trees while being much more scalable in terms of complexity

► Easily integrated into existing projects, regardless of stage

► Doesn’t force you to refactor all of your existing logic, only parts you want to

► User friendly and easy to use

► High performance and load balanced

► Runtime visual debugging

► C# source for all modules!

► Runtime graph modifications - see changes in your AI behaviours in real time and save a lot of time tweaking values

► Fully supports Unity prefab system - including nesting, variants and property overrides for graphs and all graph elements

► Unity’s undo system support

► Core system has no runtime allocations after initialization

► Written with flexibility and scalability in mind, as separate modules

► Many independent modules included in package

► Can be made to run on own threads (core system doesn’t use Unity API)

► Lot of script templates and base classes for common usages

► No subscription, no seats limits, buy once and use freely

► Responsive support via Discord and Unity forums

Supported Unity versions: 2018+

Tested on Windows and Android platforms.

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