New Textures & Standard Pipeline Conversion for Book of the Dead

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Version 2: Now includes wind!

Book of the Dead is an amazing environment demo by Unity Technologies. Unfortunately it looks like it won't be updated to work with future version of the editor, or with the standard render pipeline.

Bonus Files - Free upgrade after purchase
⚡ Book of the Dead Standard Shader Conversion - Bonus Files 1
⚡ Book of the Dead Standard Shader Conversion - Bonus Files 2

I've spent a bunch of time creating custom shaders with Amplify Shader Editor so that this package can work with the standard pipeline. With that, I've also used Substance Painter to create brand new textures for most of the objects.

Specifically, this package adds this content:

* Custom shaders made in Amplify Shader Editor
* Original materials set to use the custom shaders
* .spp Substance Painter files (Available as a free additional download after registering on infinity )
* New textures for most of the objects, exported into the project from the .spp files
* Prefabs containing these new aspects set up for you, so you can more quickly start using the assets in your project
* A new \"Overlay\" scene, showcasing the new textures

For the sake of efficiency and organization, the new materials which are able to share textures with the originals (like the normal map or metal/rough [mask map]) do so.

You should all get the official Book of the Dead asset and run it. It's amazing. Don't mix this pack and that, of course, as they won't work together :)


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