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MonKey is the ultimate productivity booster and workflow enhancer for Unity, giving you the easiest and the most efficient way to use the editor thanks to its clever command manager !

Search, Select, Rename & Create faster, and enjoy a smoother editor experience with the smartest MonKey in the Jungle.

We just released a new plugin called Grabbit! You can check it out over there!

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Inspired by systems seen in Zbrush, Houdini, Blender or Resharper, MonKey gives you a direct access to time saving and advanced commands for artists, designers and programmers.

MonKey removes the hassle of having to do repetitive or cumbersome tasks or to navigate lengthy menus: type your commands and get the job done faster!

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Feature Highlight

✔️ More than 130 commands for Designers, Artists and Programmers

✔️ Custom Commands with Attributes

✔️ Super Quick Fuzzy Search

✔️ Hotkeys Manager

✔️ Powerful Parametric Commands

✔️ Interactive Commands for Level Design

✔️ Supports Menu Items from Unity & Plugins

✔️ Integrated Command Helps & Human-Friendly Naming

✔️ Full Undo Support

✔️ Great Performance & Optimized for Large Projects

✔️ Command Validation

✔️ Flexible Interface

✔️ Ordered Selection

✔️ C# Editor Utilities

✔️ Active Support and Command Roadmap

✔️One Cute MonKey!

In Details

✔️ More than 130 commands for Designers, Artists and Programmers

MonKey comes packaged with commands made to fit the needs of all Unity users.

They cover functionalities such as:

◽Object Creation

◽Object Finding



◽Scene Management

◽Level Design


◽Scriptable Object




◽And much, much more: Check out the list of command here!

✔️ Custom Commands with Attributes

Use attributes for a super fast and code independent way to write new commands with advanced customization, and parameters supported.

Simply add an attribute to a static editor method, and it will be available in MonKey!

✔️ Super Quick Fuzzy Search & Great Performance

Our custom search algorithm provides the best human-ready experience!

Multiple ways to access commands including hotkeys, quick names and keyword search.

Monkey is optimized for large projects or big command amount.

✔️ Integrated Command Helps & Human-Friendly Naming

MonKey’s interface includes help for all the commands and names them in order to be quickly understood.

✔️ Hotkeys Manager & Quick NamesMonKey detects hotkey conflicts between commands and with menu items, and displays them in search.

Use quick names for a fast alternative to hotkeys!

✔️ Parametric Commands & Command Validation:

Parametric commands are fully supported for more intuitive and advanced usages than unity menu items.

MonKey comes with an AutoComplete feature to quickly search for GameObjects, Assets, Enums, or any variable type.

For parameters, MonKey supports Unity types, c# value types, enums, arrays and more, and can be easily extended!

MonKey also has a Command Validation feature to limit usage of commands to specific scenarios.

✔️ Integrates you plugins and Unity’s menu items

Search for Unity’s menu functionalities and for your plugins’ menu items directly in MonKey!

✔️ Interactive Scene Commands for Level Design

Powerful and emergent commands for level design to use in the scene view.

Combine few functionalities to accelerate your creation!

Includes commands such as collision constraints, distance constraints, object instantiation, measurement, alignment, clamping, component, object replacement, and much more!

✔️ Full Undo Support

MonKey’s commands have a full Undo support (within Unity’s limitations). No fear of experimentation anymore!

✔️ Flexible Interface

The interface’s UX is designed to be easy to extend and a compromise between intuitive and functional. MonKey’s console can be docked or used as a popup and includes many settings to customize the way it looks and the way you use it.

✔️ Ordered Selection

MonKey stores the order in which you selected the objects (Unity does not): Make your commands user-friendly and reliable by using our system!

✔️ C# Editor Utilities:MonKey contains advanced functionalities and access to editor variables such as mouse position, easy undo setup, scene raycast, key pressed events, hierarchy search, and more.

Make your editor utilities creation really shine!

✔️ Active Support and Command Roadmap

We are committed to regularly add new commands and functionalities to accelerate your workflow and let you enjoy Unity editor to its full potential!

✔️ One Cute MonKey!

Isn’t he? He surely brightens our day!

What is Coming Next?

As Jungle, we develop tools for Unity, but we mainly are game devs.

We use MonKey to make games more efficiently, so you can be sure that the plugins will keep on improving: we also benefit from it :)


Please note that MonKey's functionalities are only editor-related. The aim of MonKey is to accelerate the game production: it is not available on runtime.

Get Productive With MonKey!

We cannot imagine using Unity without MonKey, and we are confident you’ll be convinced too!

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