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The most complete mesh decal plugin available in the Asset Store since 2014. Used by professionals all around the world in hundreds of awesome projects.

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Easy Decal provides you with an easy-to-use workflow for putting decals on all types of surfaces in your game world. Enrich your virtual world with details and lift your game environment to the next level.

Easy Decal not only supports diffuse textures and normal maps but all kinds of shaders and materials. You can stick decals even to massively bumpy surfaces with ease - the dynamic geometry generator automatically adjusts all the necessary parameters (UVs, tangents, normals, etc.) in the blink of an eye. By using one tool, your decals will fit everywhere.

Key Features

Full editor integration

  • Custom materials and shaders
  • Contains ready-to-use prefabs
  • 80+ different decals included
  • 3D Projection (translation, rotation, scale)
  • Dynamic geometry
  • Texture Atlas Editor
  • Decal Animation
  • Edge Bleeding

Decal Types

  • Mesh Decals (Standard/HDRP/URP)
  • Screen Space Decals (Standard/HDRP/URP)
  • Deferred Decals (Standard)

SRP Support


  • Box Projector (mesh decal)
  • Plane Projector (mesh decal)
  • Unlit screen space (multiplicative)


  • Box Projector (mesh decal)
  • Plane Projector (mesh decal)
  • Lit screen space
  • Unlit screen space (multiplicative)

Please note that not all new features are present in Unity versions smaller than Unity 2018.

Source code and archived versions are accessible on our website as an additional download.


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