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Created to feel like a native part of Unity, with familiar tools and interfaces, Dreamteck Splines allows for quick prototyping and implementing of unique behaviors. Focused on flexibility, ease of use and performance, it is suitable for both small, medium and large-scale projects.

With efficient code and caching algorithms, the tool provides excellent performance even when lots of objects are constantly updated. Dreamteck Splines provides scalable solutions for different use cases. For example, games using stationary splines can benefit from baking geometry and optimized sample modes while titles requiring dynamic updates to the splines can make use of multithreading.

Used in our own Lifeslide

Key features:
-\tEditor and Runtime spline creation
-\tHermite, Bezier, B-Spline and Linear splines
- Path following with constant speed
-\tMesh generation
- Object and particle control
- Spline projection
- Mobile friendly
-\tPrimitives and presets
-\tImport & Export functionality
-\tMorph states
-\tEasily expandable functionality
- Extensive User manual with examples
- Open source!


Eight example scenes, showcasing the most popular use cases included in the package.

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