DinoFracture A Dynamic Fracture Library

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VERSION 2.0 RELEASED - Slicing is now available!

Try a live WebGL demo on our website!

With DinoFracture, you can break apart any mesh in your scene to create fragmented pieces. Meshes can be broken apart either at runtime or in the editor, allowing for optimal performance across all devices.

You can both shatter an object into many pieces (as in throwing a vase on the ground) or slice an object in half using user-defined planes (great for cutting enemies in half with a sword).

Example usages include:

  • Break glass windows on impact
  • Crumble walls and columns
  • Explode barrels and crates
  • Annihilate doors after activating a switch
  • Smash fruit with a hammer
  • Cut zombies in half

New features to 2.0:

  • Slicing! You can now specify your own planes to slice objects completely in half.
  • Greatly optimized results. Less triangles in output.
  • Better performance. Heavy use of memory caching to reduce the burden on the GC.

Note to Unity 2018 users: The demo scene is no longer included in the Unity 2018 package. However, the plugin itself is still fully support. Download for Unity 2019+ to have the demo scene.

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