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This animation asset is included in this pack:

Animations Pack Mega Bundle

This asset includes humanoid locomotion animations, some emotions and actions for retargeting to other humanoid 3D characters.

Animations List:


- 2 Standing idles

- Crouch Idle

- Swim Idle


- Crouch Walk (8 directions, 2 m/s, root motion and treadmill)

- Falling

- Forward roll (root motion and treadmill)

- Jump (start - midair - land)

- Run (8 directions, 4 m/s, root motion and treadmill)

- Run skid stop

- Run skid stop and turn around

- Shuffle turn rotations (left / right)

- Sprint (5 directions, 6 m/s, root motion and treadmill)

- Strafe movement (left / right, root motion and treadmill)

- Swimming (10 directions, 1 m/s, root motion and treadmill)

- Turn around (180 degrees, left / right)

- Turn around fast (180 degrees, left / right)

- Turn left (90 degrees, left/right)

- Walk (8 directions, 2 m/s, root motion and treadmill)


- 8 Conversations (talking, questions and exclamations)

- 2 Cheers / victory

- 2 Hand waves

- 2 Claps (applause)

- Horror / pain


- Looting from floor

- Opening

- Sitting (ground, low, medium and high)

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