Modular Low Poly Robots

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Playable demo:

The pack includes 8 types of weapon modules, 12 types of case modules, 10 types of chassis modules and universal sphere trace based movement system for all chassis.

All parts of the robots are designed in low poly style and have 2 material slots (black and white palette and color material). Some parts have more materials, such as tank chassis (2 more slots for track materials).

The robot chassis are made with skeletal meshes and have animated blueprints. The movement system of all types of chassis is built with universal component that can be used in different types of chassis. This is a simple system may be used at different platforms. Watch the motion system work in a demo video.

The pack includes an example system for creating a robot during the game.

UPDATE 2 (24.05.2021)

  • Added path driving component for robots AI

BIG UPDATE (12.03.2021):

  • Added multiplayer support
  • Improved stability of the movement system
  • Improved "wheels" interaction with simulated objects
  • Many minor fixes
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Technical Details


  • Multiplayer support
  • Thousands of possible robot combinations
  • Has playable demo
  • Universal chassis movement system
  • Low material count
  • Good robot physics interaction
  • Can be used in mobile games
  • Suitable for strategies

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: No

Rigged: Only chassis rigged.

Rigged to Epic Skeleton: No.

Animated: Yes

Number of Characters: no less than 10 different robot combinations.

Vertex Counts of Characters:

  • Vertex counts is highly dependent on the combination of modules in the robot. The average number of vertices per robot with 2 guns is about 30k (about 15k tris)

Texture Resolutions: 128x128 palette resolution, 1k for tank track textures, 2k for demonstration level textures.

Number of Animations: 4 legs and 6 legs spider chassis have 7 animations.

Animation Types: In-place

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC

Documentation: No

Important/Additional Notes: Do not forget to read the description of Blueprints and components

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