Bald Cypress Swamp

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DISCLAIMER: The showcase images feature an excellent swamp water shader which can be found here (ITS FREE): Here .

The showcase images were taken at 1440p, with cinematic render settings, LPV, and post sharpening.

This pack contains a plethora of meshes you need to realize your perfect swamp. The trees are based off of the Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) specifically. These trees range most of the south-eastern USA, and can feature large flared bases, and hanging Spanish moss.

It is approximately 1177 MB in size and contains:

17 tree meshes with collision, LODs and billboards.

13 debris cover with LODs.

16 plant meshes with LODs.

Advanced Landscape Auto Material: This pack includes everything in my landscape auto material found here: Here

Showcase video and Instructions: available here: Here

For support, giveaways, tips, or a good chat, join my Discord community : Here

Technical Details


  • Advanced Prop Master Material: This pack includes a master material that can be used for any props you'd like. It includes support for two vertex paint channels, two triplanar blends (one for blending the landscape, and one for blending snow, moss or dust etc.), full PBR channel packs, pixel depth offset blending, and detail normals.
  • Customization: The pack makes use of several instances with many exposed parameters to make sure you can always tweak the look of the assets to your scene.
  • Focus on quality and performance: Every texture was developed from high quality, and high resolution photos and packed into RHAO channel masks. Foliage and trees were designed as compact as possible while still maintaining low poly counts. This ensures opacity is kept minimal.

Texture Sizes:

  • Most atlases are biased to an absolute maximum of 2,048 by 2,048 for the best performance. However, most textures are imported at 4,096 by 4,096.

Vertex Count:

  • Trees LOD0: From 35k to 4.3k. Average of 15k. LOD2: From 7.9k to 700.
  • Plants LOD0: From 6k to 200. Average of 1k. LOD2: From 800 to 28.
  • Debris LOD0: From 5.2k to 1.2k. Average of 2k. LOD2: From 500 to 100.

Collision: Yes, simple capsule and complex.

# of Meshes: 50

# of Materials: 6 Master, 15 Functions, 29 Instances

# of Textures: 110

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