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What is Battle of Drones Multiplayer?

It's a multiplayer template 100% Blueprint with 5 drones, 2 abilities each which you can use as a base to create your own game or learn about how it was developed. Watch the Preview Video

What Features it have?

• 5 Drones with 2 Abilities Each

• 5 Pickups with Respawn Progress Indicator

• Drone Selection Menu

• Drones Status Indicator

• Kill Log / Notification

• Chat Team(T) / All(Y)

• Basic Team Deathmatch Mode

• Customize Team Color and Game mode

• Customize Drones Attributes

• Clean and organized Blueprints with Notes

When would I use it?

If you want to create multiplayer games this is a great asset for you to see how it was developed and learn about how to do it.

How do I start?

See the Documentation about how to setup the Editor to play and how to customize.

Where do I find Support?

Just send an email to:

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Technical Details

What are the abilities?

Healing Drone:

• Ability (E): Heal yourself.

• Ability (Q): Drop a device that heals your team and damages the enemy team.

Shield Drone:

• Ability (E): Activate a Shield to protect yourself.

• Ability (Q): Activates the temporary Shield on all of your Team that is near.

Damage Drone:

• Ability (E): Increase your own damage.

• Ability (Q): Drop a device that explodes after a while causing damage to nearby enemy team.

Toxic Drone:

• Ability (E): Decreases your own reload time.

• Ability (Q): Drop a toxic device that explodes when the enemy team passes nearby causing damage for a certain time.

Energy Drone:

• Ability (E): Increase your own speed.

• Ability (Q): Drop a device that explodes after a time that slows the nearby enemy team.


• Speed Pickup: Increase Speed

• Damage Pickup: Increase Damage

• Health Pickup: Increase Health

• Reload Pickup: Decreases Reload Time

• Shield Pickup: Activate Temporary Shield

Number of Blueprints: 76

Number of Widgets: 16

Input: Mouse, Keyboard

Network Replicated: Yes

Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Platform Tested: Windows

Important/Additional Notes:

A: This is not a full Game.

B: Was designed for flat terrain.

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