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Obi is an advanced particle-based physics engine capable of simulating a wide range of deformable material behaviors.

Depends on the Burst, Jobs, Collections, and Mathematics packages, for compatibility with all platforms Burst can compile for. Without these packages, it can still run, but only in Windows, Mac,Linux, iOS and Android.

With Obi Rope you can create ropes and rods in a matter of seconds, with complete control over their shape and behavior: Oriented particle technology allow Rods to offer torsion/twisting effects. Ropes are more lightweight and can be cut/resized. Bones can be used to add secondary motion to character bone hierarchies. All of them can collide with the environment and with each other, can be attached to rigid bodies and offer two-way coupling with them.

This system is NOT based on rigid bodies and joints, unlike other rope solutions. This is based on XPBD particles which makes it more lightweight, detailed, and unconditionally stable.


Obi Website

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- Non-linear, non-destructive rope editing using splines. Get instant feedback on how your rope looks while editing it!.

- Procedural smooth mesh generation using splines, complete with tangent space updating and normal map support. No need to manually generate geometry for your ropes.

- Adaptive curvature-based realtime mesh decimation: straight sections of a rope can generate simpler geometry than curved ones.

- Change rope length at runtime.

- Tearable/cuttable rope.

- Closed loops.

- Two-way rigid body interaction.

- Modular solver: don't waste performance, only use the constraints your rope needs.

- Per module adjustable solver iteration count.

- Independent stretch/bending stiffness.

- Easy-to-use editor particle tools: selection, brush selection, paintbrush, property smoothing...

- Supports all standard Unity colliders.

- Automatic camera culling: non-visible ropes do not update their simulation.


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