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Since August 2021, a new version of this package is available on the asset store. It's called NICE VIBRATIONS BY LOFELT , and brings tons of new features and improvements.
If you already own NICE VIBRATIONS, it's a free update!
This package won't be updated (but NICE VIBRATIONS BY LOFELT will). This product page will remain up, and the update from NICE VIBRATIONS to NICE VIBRATIONS BY LOFELT will remain free. Forever.

Nice Vibrations is a simple yet powerful solution to add vibrations and haptic feedbacks to your PC, console, iPhone or Android games.
👉 Full list of features
📚 Documentation
🤖 Android demo on the Play Store .
🍏 iOS demo on the AppStore
🖥️ PC demo
💻 Mac demo
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Built on top of the native gamepad, iOS and Android APIs, it offers a universal interface to trigger haptic feedbacks on all platforms at once, as well as ways to get exactly the right vibration on each platform specifically.
Whether you want to trigger a short, simple vibration, a haptic preset, a continuous signal, or an advanced and complex pattern, Nice Vibrations has got you covered. With complete support of all gamepad, iOS and Android haptic APIs, including iOS' Core Haptics, Nice Vibrations is the definite solution to add more feeling to your game on both platforms.
Used by many released games, it's a proven and battle tested solution that just gets the job done.
Features :
- Trigger vibrations on your device in one line of code
- Complete API documentation and tutorials
- 7 demos to play with on iOS or Android
- iOS and Android interfaces
- Support for iOS Taptic Engine
- Support for iOS Core Haptics API
- Independent control of both rumble motors on a gamepad
- Android pre-SDK 26 support
- Android support for the new (post SDK 26) VibrationEffects
- Haptics support detection method
- Universal methods that allow support for both targets in one liners
- Fully commented code
- Fallback for old unsupported devices
- Get callbacks when your haptics end
- iOS and Android multithreading options
- 9 basic presets
- 9 advanced pattern presets
- Support for transient haptics
- Support for continuous haptics, complete with start, update and stop methods to provide with complete control over time
- Support for AHAP files on iOS and Android waveforms
- Convertor helper to turn your AHAP files into Android waveforms
- Easy to extend and build upon
Important :
- please note that Nice Vibrations is included, as a gift, to MMFeedbacks. Do not buy it twice!
- as explained in the release notes , or in the first item of the FAQ , what version you get depends on the version of Unity you're running. Older versions of Unity may lack certain APIs required to support the more recent haptic APIs. Nice Vibrations will work on old versions, as far back as 2017.3, but not necessarily with all the new fancy stuff :)

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