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Shader Painter is a painting tool which allows you to paint advanced shader effects. More than a simple vertex tool, with this extension you will be able to paint directly on pixels. This way, you can paint extremely complex details on a simple polygon.

Shader Painter is compatible with Built-in and URP (HDRP support will be available soon).

By default, the package is set up to be compatible for Unity 2019.4 LTS Built-in Render Pipeline. In order to use URP Shaders you will need to manually unpack

SP_URP Shaders 2019.4 LTS.unitypackage.

Unity 2018.1.0 Built-in shaders are also included.

Documentation included.

Features :

- Paint advanced PBR shaders effects

- Built-in and URP support

- Pixel painting which let you paint detailed shapes on very low poly models

- Multi layers support (3 layers)

- Merge and Export painted maps

- Multiple ID materials support

- Skinned meshes support

- Specular/Gloss and Metallic/Rough workflow

- Import custom brushes

- Simple interface to get a clear overview

Shaders already available :

- Standard

- Standard Multi Layers

- Standard Cutout

- Water

- Water Dx11

- Wind Dx11

- Snow

Upcoming major improvements :

- Substance support

- HDRP support

- Brush/painting optimisations

- Animation Editor support

- New shaders and new effects

- Brushes library

And more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us :

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