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"the plugin is an efficient code scanner and generator tool,it runs cross platform, Supports to scan QRCode,Code_128, Code_93, Code_39,EAN_13, EAN_8,Aztec-Code,UPC-A,UPC-E,Data Matrix, PDF-417,RSS_14 and so on ,Supports to encode QRCode,Code_128,Code_39,Code_93,EAN_13,EAN_8,Data Matrix and so on.in addition, the plugin contains complete project scenes, you can integrate it in your project easily.

Supported platforms:Android, iOS, Standalone (MAC & Windows), Webplayer, WebGL

β˜… Good News: β˜…
● Support work with ARFoundation/Vuforia
(contact publisher to get js script).
● Add Torch On/Off features on iOS devices.
● Add Autofocus features on iOS devices.
● Add Torch On/Off features on android devices.
● Add Autofocus features on android devices.
● You can add custom logo image into the QR image center when you encode QRCode.
● Add support save QR code image to gallery.

β˜… New Version 5.4.3 available β˜…
-1,Fixed iOS bug when switch scene
-2,Optimize camera tool.
contact publisher with email( )

you can download:
Demo1(apk) | Demo2 (Torch Sample) | QRCode Torch Video | Tutorial

Older versions of The Plugin:

New Version 5.4.3 available
-1,Fixed iOS bug when re-opening camera
-2,Optimize camera tool.

New Version 5.4 available
-1,Fixed bug when building with the IL2CPP scripting backend.
-2,Optimize camera tool.

New Version 5.3 available
-1,Fixed Camera Permission bug on android .

New Version 5.2 available
-1,Optimize the preview , display on RawImage(UI) without rotation.
-2,Upgrade to android camera2.
-3,Optimize camera tool.

New Version 5.1 available
-1, support work with ARFoundation.
-2, support work with Vuforia.

New Version 5.0 available
-1, fix build for ARM64 bug on android.
-2, improve scanning efficiency.

New Version 4.9 available
-1, fix android camera permissions bug on Unity2018.3.x bug .
-2,fix build on pc/webgl bug
-3,fix camera distortion issues on pc/webgl
-4, improve scanning efficiency.

New Version 4.6 available
-1, fix android camera permissions bug.
-2,support bitcode on ios.
-3, improve scanning efficiency.

New Version 4.5 available
-1, Add Torch On/Off features on iOS devices.
-2,Add Autofocus features on iOS devices .
-3,Provide API to save QR code to gallery .
-4, improve scanning efficiency.

New Version 4.4 available
-1,Fixed autofocus bug on some android devices.
-2,improve scanning efficiency .

New Version 4.3 available
-1,Add Torch On/Off features on android devices that it can work fine at day and night.
-2,improve scanning efficiency .

New Version 4.2 available
-1,fix bug on some android devices.
-2,improve scanning efficiency .

New Version 4.1 available
-1,fix flip bug on nexus device.
-2,fix orientation bug on landscape.
-3,improve scanning efficiency .

New Version 4.0 available
-1,Add autofocus features on android devices.
-2,Add some new API in plugins.
-3,improve scanning efficiency .

New Version 3.7 available
-1,Fixed the generator bug on windows phone
-2,Fixed the decode api on windows phone
-3,improve scanning efficiency

New Version 3.6 available
-1,Fix the camera flip bug on nexus device .
-2,improve scanning efficiency .

New Version 3.5 available
-1,Add Support Platform: Windows Store/Phone .
-2,improve scanning efficiency .

New Version 3.3 available
-1,it can open with Browser automatic if the decode result is web url.
-2,fix the bug with unity5.5 on android ( only happened on unity5.5 when load new scene from scanner scene).
-3,fix the bug with camera image on windows(exe) platform.

New Version 3.2 available
-1,Improve encode performance.
-2,Add support WebGL platform.(contact publisher to get js script).

New Version 3.1 available
-1,Add feature:enable embed custom logo image to QR when you encode .
-2,Fixed encode feature bug.
-3,Improved the encode error correction level.
-4,Optimization scan efficiency.

New Version 3.0 available
-1,fixed resolution stretched issues on most devices.
-2,improve the encode feature.
-3.fixed ios bug on ios10.x (see the document).
-4,optimization scan efficiency.

New Version 2.8 available
-1,Optimization scan efficiency.
-2.fixed ios bug on ios10.x (see the document).

New Version 2.6 available
-1: According to the recommendations of users, we have modified the documentation to make it easy to use.

New Version 2.2 available
-1: suppport android 6.x(unity3d 5.3.x)
-2: Added static texture to decode
-3: Optimized scan efficiency

New Version 1.5 available
Optimized and fixed the Unity5.x build bug on Android.

New Version 1.4 available
This version fixes some bugs with screen orientation and changes in DeviceCamera image flip. Improved decode efficiency.

Version 1.2
now ,we have upload new version1.2,the pack have add QR Code Generator ,and optimized the pack,so it run fast,moreover,
We have Fixed two bugs
1: Fixed the previous version android/ios camera image Rotate 90 degrees
2: Fixed the crashed problem on Mobile device when you goto other scene from the QRCodeScan scene,Please see the document_V 1.2.pdf for how to use .

So far ,the plugin have the Decode and Encode functions for all platforms
The QR Code Generator Web demo

Version 1.1
we update this pack and optimize it . then we make a turorial for how to use the plugin .now it is very convenient to embed your project


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