Interaction With Advanced Locomotion System 2.0

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Important information!
In this version, not all animations will be included in the project. In order for it to look like on a video, you need this package, which must later be uploaded to the project (I will present this process in a separate material). Without these animations, the project will run normally.

How to reimport animations form Steatlh Finishers Pack to project:

Zombies Characters and AI (work with Advanced Locomotion System) Included:
- Attack

- Following patrol path

- Optymalization (LODs states)

- Movement (Jumping , Mantle , Vault , Fall Damage)

- Cinematic (Sequencer Kills)

- Sense of sight and hearing

- Dynamic Animations settings

New Pushing Object system (Currently working only on flat ground!)
Rebuilt Picking Ammo system (Additional with widgets)
Added informations widgets generated near a lying rifle
Rebuilt system of exploding barrels (now they can spread and no damage is dealt while the object is behind cover)
New entering and exiting the car (Working With IK and uneven terrain)
Deleted 'Fixing VB bones ' system. Now only animations can control ik and virtual bones


1) Climbing Ledge

Start - Jump + input key (W,S,A,D)
Moving - A/D
Jump - Shift + direction (W,A,S,D) + Space
End Climbing - L Ctrl

2) Vehicle

Entering the Car - E
Change Gear - 1...6
Movement - W,A,S,D
Light enable/disable - F + MouseWheel Up/Down
Turn Signal - L/R mouse button
Change Camera - C
Exit Car - TP = key E | FP = Look at door and key E

3) Cover System

Start Cover - Auto (Look at wall)
Aiming Left/Up - Direction key (A,D) + Mouse Button
Aiming Stand - Mouse Button
End Cover - Hold key S or press Space Bar

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