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The 2nd pack in the Dreamscape Series is here!

An even larger collection of AAA quality assets to build next-gen open-world stylized environments

Check out some gifs to see it in action: GIFs

Featuring over 100 high-quality meshes, this stylized environment pack is optimized for all platforms, including large-scale open-world games. Check out the animated GIFs and Trailer to get a better taste.

Let's build the next pack together!

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Optimized for all platforms and URP

Standard RP - Unity 20194 +

Universal RP - Unity 2019.4+


Vegetation Studio Pro

Nature Renderer

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• High-quality low poly optimized foliage with a distinct stylized look.

• Suitable for open-world games.

• ~110 prefabs.

• Highly optimized material workflow using master materials and material instances with fully customizable parameters and color palettes.

• Distant terrain meshes with slope-based auto materials for blending with the terrain.

• Customizable stylized water shaders with reflection, refraction and wave mesh deformation.

• Stylized particle effects.

• 2x2Km Demo scene included

Asset List:

x11 Tree Meshes

• 2000-10000 average polys

• 4 LODs

• High-quality billboards allowing thousands of trees in a scene.

• 4K PBR Textures

x20 Stone Meshes

• 10-1500 average polys

•1-3 LODs

• 2-4K PBR Textures

• Triplanar detail textures allow rocks to look good in all sizes!

x21 Foliage&Grass Meshes

• 200-1000 average polys

• 1-3 LODs

• 2K PBR Textures

x51 Prop Meshes

• 200-2000 average polys

• 1-2 LODs

• 2-4K PBR Textures

• Features Stonehenge structures and ancient ruins.

x10 Particle Effects

The screenshots were achieved using Unity 2019.4 using Nature Renderer and Standard RP.

Please note the Demo Scene is massive and intended for showcasing the pack, and is not intended to work out of the box for mobile or low-end devices.

Instructions on how to achieve the same result and the post-processing profile are included.


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