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Powerful control of your story starts with Cinema Director, a visual timeline editor for creating Cutscenes. Sequences events in minutes inside your Unity project. Write your own events and scripts to control.
Cinema Director is a modular Timeline Editor and sequencer for Unity. It enables Game Developers, Film Professionals and YouTubers to control, sequence and manipulate almost any Unity Game Object and its associated properties, allowing for dynamic cutscenes, and in-game sequencing, all without the need for scripting or programming. Contains many more tools and options than Unity's timeline.
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- Shot tracks that allow control of camera cuts.
- Audio tracks that make editing Audio in Unity quick and easy.
- An extendable Actions/Events library, containing over 60 actions, that allow triggering of transitions, animations (Legacy/Mecanim), physics and much more.
- Live Timeline Scrubbing and Previewing with audio allows you to make fine adjustments to your project without having to run unity in play mode.
- Advanced Curve Editing for manipulating properties over time.
- Actor and Multi-Actor grouping to keep your sequence organized.
- Cinema Director Themes that change the look and feel of your scene with themes such as horror, noire, dream sequence and more.
- Open source Runtime code.
- Easily create storyboards for your project with our Storyboard capture tool.
- Many more awesome features that a creative mind will love!
Integrates With:
- Cinemachine- Adventure Creator- Behavior Designer- Node Canvas- Playmaker- Dialogue System- RT-Voice- SALSA Lipsync and more!
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