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- PBR RPG monsters with unique design and low poly count are waiting to be summoned at any given battle fields or dungeons.

- SRP HDRP/URP 100% supported(11.0.0)

- Mask Tint Shader for color customization provided (Standard, URP, HDRP)

- Optimized for mobile games(low poly), 2K textures for all monsters. 1 Material.

- Various animations(over 150) for all 10 unique enemy monsters. Only Biped characters(Orc, Skeleton) is compatible with Mecanim Humanoid.

- Standard PBR / Mask Tint / URP /HDRP shader with 2K texture atlas.


- Bat : 1318 Tris

- Dragon : 2122 Tris

- Evil Mage : 3134 Tris

- Golem : 2658 Tris

- Monster Plant : 1988 Tris

- Orc : 3274 Tris

- Skeleton : 3577 Tris

- Slime : 1009 Tris

- Spider : 1560 Tris

- Turtle Shell : 1021 Tris

Animation List

- 2 Idle animations

- 2 animations

- Die, Dizzy, GetHit

- Sense Something anims

- Taunting, Victory

- Walk(4 ways), Run(Forward)

- Defend, Defend get hit for Skeleton, Turtle Shell

Dungeon Mason proudly presents you RPG Monster Wave PBR. This light weight characters will be suitable for any of your game projects spanning from mobile to PC desktop, but especially good for mobile RPG and TPS and Top down action game development.

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