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Transform tools is an editor extension designed to make object placement faster and easier.

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• Edit pivot: Edit the pivot position and rotation of 3D objects, sprites and UI objects. Recalculates UV and surface normals so materials and textures look the same after pivot change. Retains the original orientation of colliders and NavMesh obstacles.

• Simulate gravity: Physics based placing tool.

• Align and distribute: Easy to use tools to align and distribute game objects. Similar to the tools you can find in Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, and others.

• Grid arrangement: Arrange objects on a 3D grid.

• Radial arrangement: Arrange objects in radial patterns such as arcs, circles, ellipses, and spirals.

• Rearrange: Swap the positions of the selected objects.

• Progressions: Incrementally change the scale, rotation, and position values ​​of the selected objects.

• Randomize: Add random values to the position, rotation and scale of each selected object.

• Homogenize: Even out the spacing, rotation and scales values of the selected objects.

• Place on the surface: Place objects on the closest surface in the direction defined by the user.

• Remove overlapping: Move objects far enough so that they do not overlap.


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