Procedural Generation Grid (Beta)

Try game asset Procedural Generation Grid (Beta) 1.0.4 Unity for your project.

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✂️ DURING BETA STAGE package is approximately -50% off its final price ✂️

✍ Before Buy: This tool does require basic logic skill similar like for visual scripting but it don't need coding skills. Please take quick look at quick overview and/or tutorials for this package before buying (both are on the youtube).

Also the package is not dedicated for generating infinitely expanding world, like minecraft.

Automate and Speed up your level design process by many times!

Generate countless customized levels procedurally with single click!

Define generation logics without coding to paint modular walls, fences or props!

You can assign any objects to grid presets and spawn them with proceural logics.

⚙️ Procedural Generation Grid gives you tones of possibilities to automate level creation. You can easily create presets for any modular setup and give yourself more time to create very polished game levels, or generate whole levels procedurally depending upon your needs.

☄️ System is working fast and you can prepare your logics preset with realtime preview. You can choose to automatically generate light probes, reflection probes or trigger collision for generated area.

System gives a lot of freedom, you can use it to create things like modular walls, connected fences, house interiors, whole buildings, pavements, roads etc. It's working on grid with scale defined by you, so you can fit it to your floor/ceiling/walls objects scale (meaning you can easily adapt it to asset store 3d modular assets) define logics which will automatically create props on floor / walls, furniture next to walls etc.

This plugin is great for games with interior environments which need many and randomly placed props.

In addition package comes with random spawn plugins to easily setup spawning small props like books, cups, piles of boxes, bottles on tables/cupboards, spawned with collision detection and fitting to colliders surface. Another additional thing is procedural pipes generator plugin to setup random segmented modules from start point to target end point.

After this product's beta stage, these plugins will be available for purchase as separate packages but they will all still be included in this package.

⌛ If you have some coding skills you can easily create your rule nodes and use it with Procedural Generation Grid. Package comes with a lot of rule nodes with source code and in update versions there will be even more of them to make creating spawn logics quicker!

Since version 1.1.0 there is provided playmode painting example and real-time infinite generating example + async computations! (work in progress feature)

Version 1.1.0 also brings features to easier setup rules for 2D view (2.5D/3D Platforms generating example included)

Supports Unity Versions 2017.4+ up to newest (2021) Disclaimer :

Although this product does work with Unity 2017, the EXAMPLE prefabs will not work with Unity 2017 since Unity 2018 uses a different prefabs pipeline which doesn't have back compability. Also you need the newest version of Unity to download this package because the Asset Store no longer allows updating packages 2017 or older versions anymore!)

Package works on all SRPs! It's not shader related package.

(You just need to covert standard Demo materials for demo examples)

Built In ✅ LWRP ✅ URP ✅ HDRP ✅ Custom RP ✅

This system can generate objects in edit mode, as well as in playmode and on the build!

It is supporting 3D grids, so not only flat single floor structures.

Link to the community thread

Preview User Manual File Here

Discord Server for Support and Showcase


  • Automate and speed up your level design process many times over!
  • Generate infinte customized levels procedurally with single click!
  • No coding required
  • Generate objects both in the editor and in playmode (runtime)!
  • Assign any objects to grid presets and spawn them with proceural logic.
  • It is very fast and gives realtime preview as you build your logic set.
  • Many examples are provided to help you get started
  • Works with every SRP. But do be aware that the demo assets materials use the built-in RP shaders - which can easily be converted if necessary for your needs.
  • Generated objects are stored in a clean, organized hierarchy
  • Can generate multi-floor structures (it uses 3D grids)
  • Works on grid with a definable scale to fit to the scale of your floor/ceiling/walls objects
  • Manage rules inside preset files
  • Automatically generate light probes, reflection probes or trigger collision for any generated area.
  • The package comes quite a few rule nodes - all with source code. In update versions there will be even more rule nodes to make creating spawning logic even quicker!
  • Random spawning plugins to easily setup the spawning of smaller props like books, cups, piles of boxes, bottles on tables/cupboards. They are spawned with collision detection and they fit to the colliders surface (Alpha version)
  • Procedural pipes generator plugin to setup random segmented modules from a starting point to a target ending point (Alpha version)
  • For those who do have coding skills, easily create custom rule nodes.
  • Tutorials Videos on Youtube
  • Detailed Manual Included
  • Source Code Included

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