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HexaBody VR is a Physics Based Rigidbody Controller featuring responsive locomotion, jumping, standing, and crouching. The body design allows for realistic player movement, feet and legs lift and stomp during the jump cycle making it easy to jump, land, and then stand up on objects and your environment. Although not required, the player controller works best when paired with the HurricaneVR Interaction Framework .

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Locomotion Features

-Smooth and Snap Turning.

-Walk, Run, Jump, Crouch, And Stand.

-Slope Angle Max Speed and Friction Curves.

-Easily control move speed based on crouch amount.

-Jump height controlled by Crouch Height based Animation Curve.

-Jump cycle feet lift and stomping controlled by animation curves.

-Configurable air acceleration

-Physics based climbing

-Stand on moving platforms using physics and friction

-Configurable horizontal jump velocity bonus based on crouch amount.


-Define player height and leg height percentage

-Sit / Standing mode with automatic height calibration

-Standing calibration scales the camera based on variance between user vs player height

-Adjustable curve for pelvis -z offset based on crouch height

-Head Collision

-Configurable Min / Max camera height

-Hand stuck detection and resolving


Input and Interaction Framework agnostic, requires one input wrapper script to drive the player controller with the inputs of your choosing. A SteamVR and XRInputs controller wrapper example is provided to get you started.


HurricaneVR Physics Interactions

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