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High-quality rigged low poly animals with amazing animations, stunning demo scenes, multiple textures, sounds, and Wander Script.

— Content —

- 50 unique animals

- Wander Script (V.5) You can drag and drop living animals to the scene

- Rigged

- Stunning animations

- Beautiful demo scenes

- Mecanim support

- Low poly nature elements

- Ground, Grass, and Coral textures

- 30+ Animal textures

- Illustrated environment textures

- 40+ unique sounds

— Animals —

- Anteater (928 vertices)

- Bear (376 vertices)

- Beaver (785 vertices)

- Boar (796 vertices)

- Buffalo (691 vertices)

- Polar bear (376 vertices)

- Cat (371 vertices)

- Chick (311 vertices)

- Chimpanzee (773 vertices)

- Cow (704 vertices)

- Crocodile (779 vertices)

- Deer (529 vertices)

- Dog: Golden Retriever (466 vertices)

- Dog: Great Dane (496 vertices)

- Dog: Chihuahua (438 vertices)

- Dove (402 vertices)

- Eagle (508 vertices)

- Elephant (730 vertices)

- Fish (86 vertices)

- Giraffe (630 vertices)

- Goat (731 vertices)

- Goos (581 vertices)

- Gorilla (643 vertices)

- Hen (449 vertices)

- Horse (605 vertices)

- Jellyfish (520 vertices)

- Lion (942 vertices)

- Octopus (1088 vertices)

- Orca (474 vertices)

- Ostrich (496 vertices)

- Penguin (303 vertices)

- Pig (708 vertices)

- Rabbit (317 vertices)

- Rhino (712 vertices)

- Roaster (555 vertices)

- Seagull (82 vertices)

- Seal (468 vertices)

- Shark (401 vertices)

- Sheep (858 vertices)

- Sheep Wool (706 vertices)

- Snake (215 vertices)

- Spider (529 vertices)

- Squid (1051 vertices)

- Squirrel (752 vertices)

- Starfish (55 vertices)

- Tiger (1104 vertices)

- Tucan (544 vertices)

- Vulture (467 vertices)

- Walrus (484 vertices)

- Wolf (594 vertices)

— Animations —

Anteater_Idle, Anteater_Idle2, Anteater_Idle to Walk, Anteater_Walk, Anteater_Walk to Idle, Anteater_Idle to Run, Anteater_Run, Anteater_Run to Idle, Anteater_Attack, Anteater_Death, Bear_Death, Bear_Idle, Bear_Run, Bear_StandUp, Bear_StandUp_Attack, Bear_Walk,

Beaver_Idle, Beaver_Idle to Walk, Beaver_Walk, Beaver_Walk to Idle, Beaver_Idle to Run, Beaver_Run, Beaver_Run to Idle, Beaver_Attack, Beaver_Death, Boar_Attack, Boar_Death, Boar_Idle Breathing, Boar_Idle left Right, Boar_Idle to Run, Boar_Idle to Walk, Boar_Run, Boar_Run to Idle, Boar_Walk, Boar_Walk to Idle, Buffalo_Attack, Buffalo_Death, Buffalo_Idle Breathing, Buffalo_Idle Left, Buffalo_Idle Right, Buffalo_Idle to Run, Buffalo_Idle to Walk, Buffalo_Run, Buffalo_Run to Idle, Buffalo_Walk, Buffalo_Walk to Idle, Cat_Attack, Cat_Death, Cat_Idle, Cat_Run, Cat_Sit, Cat_Sleep, Cat_StandUp, Cat_Walk, Chick_Attack, Chick_Death, Chick__Idle to run, Chick_Idle to walk, Chick_Idle1, Chick_Idle2, Chick_Run, Chick_Run to idle, Chick_Walk, Chick_Walk to idle, Chimpanzee_idle to walk, Chimpanzee_walk, Chimpanzee_walk to idle, Chimpanzee_idle to run, Chimpanzee_run, Chimpanzee_run to idle, Chimpanzee_idle breathing, Chimpanzee_idle screaming, Chimpanzee_idle banging chest, Chimpanzee_attack, Chimpanzee_death, Cow_Death, Cow_Eating, Cow_Idle, Cow_Run, Cow_Walk, Crocodile_Attack_1, Crocodile_Attack_2, Crocodile_Death, Crocodile_Idle, Crocodile_Swim, Crocodile_Walk, Deer_Attack, Deer_Death, Deer_Eating, Deer_Idle2, Deer_Idle Breath, Deer_Idle to Run, Deer_Idle to Walk, Deer_Run, Deer_Run to Idle, Deer_Walk, Deer_Walk to Idle, Dog_Chihuahua_Bark, Dog_Chihuahua_Idle, Dog_Chihuahua_Run, Dog_Chihuahua_Sit, Dog_Chihuahua_Walk, Dog-GoldenRetriever_Bark, Dog-GoldenRetriever_Idle, Dog-GoldenRetriever_Run, Dog-GoldenRetriever_Sit, Dog-GoldenRetriever_Stand, Dog-GoldenRetriever_Walk, Dog-GreatDane_Bark, Dog-GreatDane_Idle, Dog-GreatDane_Run, Dog-GreatDane_Sit, Dog-GreatDane_Stand, Dog-GreatDane_Walk, Elephant_Attack, Dove_Attack, Dove_Death, Dove_Fly, Dove_Fly to Idle, Dove_Idle Right, Dove_Idle to Fly, Dove_Idle to Run, Dove_Idle to Walk, Dove_Run, Dove_Walk, Dove_Walk to Idle, Eagle_Death, Eagle_Fly idle, Eagle_Fly idle to flying, Eagle_Fly start, Eagle_Flying, Eagle_Flying attack, Eagle_Flying to fly idle, Eagle_Flying to idle, Eagle_Idle, Eagle_Idle to Run, Eagle_Idle to walk, Eagle_Run, Eagle_Run to idle, Eagle_Walk, Eagle_Walk to idle, Elephant_Death, Elephant_Idle, Elephant_Run, Elephant_Walk, Elephant_Water, Fish_Swim, Giraffe_Death, Giraffe_Eating, Giraffe_Idle, Giraffe_Run, Giraffe_Walk, Goat_Idle Breath, Goat_Idle to Walk, Goat_Walk, Goat_Walk to Idle, Goat_Idle 2, Goat_Idle to Run, Goat_Run, Goat_Run to Idle, Goat_Attack, Goat_Death, Goos_Idle, Goos_Idle 2, Goos_Idle 3, Goos_Idle 4, Goos_Idle to Walk, Goos_Walk, Goos_Walk to Idle, Goos_Idle to Run, Goos_Run, Goos_Run to Idle, Goos_Idle to Fly, Goos_Fly, Goos_Fly to Idle, Goos_Attack, Goos_Death, Gorilla_Attack, Gorilla_ChestHit, Gorilla_Death, Gorilla_Idle, Gorilla_Run, Gorilla_Walk, Horse_Death, Horse_Eating, Hen_Attack, Hen_Death, Hen_Fly to idle, Hen_Flying, Hen_Idle breath, Hen_Idle roast, Hen_Idle to fly, Hen_Idle to run, Hen_Idle to slow walk, Hen_Idle to walk, Hen_Idle2, Hen_Idle 3, Hen_Run, Hen_Run to idle, Hen_Slow walk, Hen_Slow walk to idle, Hen_Walk, Hen_Walk to idle, Horse_Idle, Horse_Run, Horse_Walk, JellyFish_Idle, Lion_idle breathing, Lion_idle to walk, Lion_walk, Lion_walk to idle, Lion_idle roar, Lion_idle to run, Lion_run to idle, Lion_attack, Lion_death, Octopus_Idle, Octopus_Idle to Swim, Octopus_Swim, Octopus_Swim to Idle, Octopus_Attack, Octopus_Death, Orca_Attack, Orca_Death, Orca_Eat, Orca_Idle, Orca_Swim, Ostrich_Walk, Ostrich_Run, Ostrich_Idle, Ostrich_Attack, Ostrich_Death, Penguin_Death, Penguin_Idle, Penguin_Run, Penguin_Shake, Penguin_Walk, Pig_idle breathing, Pig_idle2, Pig_idle to walk, Pig_walk, Pig_walk to idle, Pig_idle to run, Pig_run, Pig_run to idle, Pig_attack, Pig_death, Rabbit_Death_0, Rabbit_Death_1, Rabbit_Idle, Rabbit_Jump_Up, Rabbit_Jump_Walk, Rabbit_LookOut, Rabbit_Run, Roaster_idle breathing, Rhino_Walk, Rhino_Run, Rhino_Idle, Rhino_Attack, Rhino_Death, Roaster_idle roast, Roaster_idle2, Roaster_idle3, Roaster_idle to walk, Roaster_walk, Roaster_walk to idle, Roaster_idle to run, Roaster_run, Roaster_run to idle, Roaster_idle to fly, Roaster_fly, Roaster_fly to idle, Roaster_attack, Roaster_death, Seagul_Fly, Seagul_Sitting, Shark_Attack, Seal_Idle, Seal_Idle 2, Seal_Idle to Walk, Seal_Walk, Seal_Walk to Idle, Seal_Idle to Run, Seal_Run, Seal_Run to Idle, Seal_Attack, Seal_Death, Shark_Death, Shark_Swim, Sheep_Idle, Sheep_Idle to Walk, Sheep_Walk, Sheep_Walk to Idle, Sheep_Idle 2, Sheep_Idle to Run, Sheep_Run, Sheep_Run to Idle, Sheep_Attack, Sheep_Death, Sheep-wool_Idle, Sheep-wool_Idle to Walk, Sheep-wool_Walk, Sheep-wool_Walk to Idle, Sheep-wool_Idle2, Sheep-wool_Idle to Run, Sheep-wool_Run, Sheep-wool_Run to Idle, Sheep-wool_Attack, Sheep-wool_Death, Snake_Attack, Snake_Death, Snake_Idle, Snake_Slither, Spider_Attack, Spider_Death 1, Spider_Death 2, Spider_Death 3, Spider_Idle, Spider_Scared, Spider_Walk, Squid_Idle, Squid_Idle to Swim, Squid_Swim, Squid_Swim to Idle, Squid_Death, Squirrel_Idle, Squirrel_Idle 2, Squirrel_Idle to Walk, Squirrel_Walk, Squirrel_Walk to Idle, Squirrel_Idle to Run, Squirrel_Run, Squirrel_Run to Idle, Squirrel_Attack, Squirrel_Death, StarFish_Walk, Tiger_idle breathing, Tiger_attack1, Tiger_idle to walk, Tiger_walk, Tiger_walk to idle, Tiger_idle road, Tiger_idle to run, Tiger_run, Tiger_run to idle, Tiger_attack2, Tiger_death, Tucan_idle left, Tucan_idle right, Tucan_idle to walk, Tucan_walk, Tucan_walk to idle, Tucan_idle to run, Tucan_run, Tucan_run to idle, Tucan_idle to fly, Tucan_flying, Tucan_fly to idle, Tucan_attack, Tucan_death, Vulture_Idle, Vulture_Fly, Vulture_Walk, Vulture_Attack, Vulture_Death,

Walrus_Idle, Walrus_Idle 2, Walrus_Idle to Walk, Walrus_Walk, Walrus_Walk to Idle, Walrus_Idle to Run, Walrus_Run, Walrus_Run to Idle, Walrus_Attack, Walrus_Death, Wolf_Attack, Wolf_Death, Wolf_Howl, Wold_Idle, Wolf_Idle to Run, Wold_Idle to Walk, Wolr_Run, Wolf_Run to Idle, Wolf_Walk, Wolf_Walk to Idle

And the best is yet to come :) Thank you all for purchasing our pack! If you have a specific requirement for a model, we will be happy to add it! Just send us an email to .

For presentation purposes we are using free Standart Assets camera filters:

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