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Try game asset SG Patcher Update your game easily [In App] 1.15.1 Unity for your project.

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For Desktop platforms recommend using Standalone version.

After purchase you can buy SGPatcher - Standalone for $10.

SG Patcher - modern game update system.The system split your game into the main part and downloadable part. It works with platforms: Android/IOS/Windows/Mac/Linux/UWP/Oculu Quest.

Reasons why you might need this system:

- You need to distribute your game, but don't know how.

- You need to make additional updates for your application on the Play Market/App Store

- You want to update the game or download additional files after starting the game.

- You want your users to be able to download more than 100/200 mb over Cellular Data.

- You want your users to download only the modified part of the game.

- You want to make your own game launcher for desktop platforms.

- You often update the game and want players to quickly receive your updates.

- You want to add scenes/materials/animations and other resources in one click without Play Market/AppStore.

You want users to download only the levels/resources they purchased.

- You do not want to rewrite the entire project to work with AssetBundles.

- Your game is difficult to use AssetBundles.

- You want to check the integrity of your game before launching.

With our system you will be able to configure the update process in a few minutes. You will have to just fill in a few fields, and after that the system itself will pack all the necessary game resources and send them to the server.SGPatcher does not require special servers. Use any storage that can be accessed via Amazon S3 or FTP/SFTP or even Google Drive.

SG Patcher compares the previous version of the game and the new one and tracks changes in files, which allows to make patches with very small size.

If you need to update scripts on mobile platforms with SGPatcher, this is easy to do, add new scripts to the project, use them on scenes, send the update using SGPatcher.Next, you need to send a new version of scripts to PlayMarket/AppStore.The version in PlayMarket/AppStore will be synchronized with the SGPatcher update pack.


- Binary diff algorithm

- Package Manager

- Support IL2CPP

- Localization (Multilingual)

- SG Resources (Alternative to Unity \"Resources\", SGResources are not included in the main build, but come with a downloadable part)

- SG Scene Manager (load scene by index and shared resources)

- Resume downloads

- Offline mode

- Integrity check

- Amazon S3

- Google Drive


- RockTomate CI/CD

- Different degrees of protection against breakdowns and hacking

Supports: Any OS except WebGL(Android, IOS, etc).

How to Download Asset

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