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WORLDSCAPE PLUGIN brings Clipmap's based terrain technology to the Unreal Engine 4, 5.1*

*64bits Precision Coordinate - No need rebase position for UE5

Create endless optimized PLANETS and LANDSCAPES

Compatible with Unreal's multiplayer, guide your imagination to quickly achieve fully procedural infinite playgrounds with the ability to customize the terrain's noise through our heightmap decal system importing 8-bit and 16-bit heightmaps to gain full control of your terrain.


🔗 MORE INFORMATIONS : Documentation

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📡 Twitter : /WorldScapeUE

Assets Integrations Examples :

  • UltraDynamicSky : Here
  • Ascent Combat Framework v2 : Here
  • ALS Locomotion v4 : Here
  • Oceanology 5 : Here
  • RPG Survival v3 : Here
  • Amazing Sci-Fi Environment and Flying Vol.1 : Here

NotePatch : Update 2.3.2 (Publish 25/01/2022) :

Change :

  • Improvement to the planet material :
  • Texture lod (zooming/unzooming when far from the ground) no longer have sharp line artefact, there is also parameter to change the zoom between each lod, as well as the maximum/minimum zoom
  • Planet texture (when using the planet material) will correctly follow the planet position and rotation in real-time, it create a dynamic material instance of the materials and overwrite the PlanetLocation parameters (so you can make your own material stick to the planet using an offset based on this parameters)
  • Added simple Tangents aproximation to the terrain to fix many issues related to normals
  • Added a toggle to calculate acurate tangent and normal (Be careful it is VERY performance heavy, Should only be used for offline generation)

Bug Fix :

Fixed Issues with moving the planet leading

Fixed editor mesh staying when play in editor without collision

Fixed issues related to the planet position being reset

READY for DedicatedServer & ListenServer

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Technical Details

  • ClipMap's based terrain technology. View
  • Create infinitely large and tiny flat/spherical worlds.
  • Smart terrain level of detail to achieve maximum performances.
  • Instanced, multithreaded procedural foliage generation through temperature, humidity, height, noise and slope parameters.
  • Noise-based biome system customizable C++
  • Import HeightMaps 8/16bits : View + View
  • Surface Collision : View
  • NavMesh : View
  • WaterPlugin: View
  • Layer Materials procedural for surface.
  • Realistic Gravity for planet. (Experimental)

Code Modules:

  • WorldScapeCore - Runtime
  • WorldScapeEditor - Editor
  • WorldScapeFactory - Editor
  • WorldScapeNoise - Editor
  • WorldScapeVolume - Editor

Network Replicated: Yes (for DedicatedServer & ListenServer)

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