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FPC Pro is compatible with Unity 5.5.x, 5.6.x, 2017.x & 2018.x
Now with mobile controls
Important: To update FPC Pro just delete all previous content (FPC Pro Folder) from your project.Make always a backup of your project before updating this asset.
Welcome to the most advanced First Person Controller available in the Asset Store.
FPC Pro focuses in movement and FX and does it very well without trying to dominate your own code.
• Check out the new FPC Pro Demo.
• FPC Pro movements included are: walk, run, jump, prone, crouch, swim, dive, fly, use ladders, climb walls, ledge grabbing, ledge climbing, obstacle vault, kick & push objects and enemies, use platforms.Parkour movements included are: double jump, wall-run, slide.
It can be hurt when falling, get tired when running or jumping or run out of oxygen when diving and everything is configurable without writing a single line of code.
• Include different bars: health, stamina, oxygen, light battery, fly rocket gas bars.
• It has an step sound system over any surface or terrain texture.
• FPC Pro can catch/drag and launch/drop objects. Try the basket ball demo, it's fun!.
• Now with a footprint system so you can walk over any surface and see your footprints.
• FPC Pro uses its own camera movements to accomplish a lot of very cool effects including an underwater environment, a dirty lens effect. It has several procedural camera movements used when climbing, landing jumping or using ladders, all mixed up with tons of sound effects (footsteps, breath tired effect, swim and dive, jump, climb, fly rocket and air speed).
• Includes a smart crosshair and catch/drag, launch/drop objects capabilities and several 2D-3D compass
• Notice that FPC Pro is NOT an FPS controller; there isn't any kind of weapon system but you can build your own using FPC Pro as you do with the original Unity's First Person Controller. Check out this example (not included in the asset) FPC Pro Weaponized Test.
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