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Simple Motorcycle Physics Pro is based on physical gyroscopic forces acting on a motorcycle.

Now with active ragdolls, engine sounds, humanoid animations, robust animator controller, motorcycle physics performance improvements and much more!

Check out our forum post - [WIP] How we made our active ragdolls somewhat convincing

Kickstart your motorbike game with a package which includes a fully drivable motorcycle, a completely rigged rider that is animated and a basic vehicle suspension testing environment.

A single motorcycle physics C# script for added ease of not only understanding and working with code but also ease of modifying it.

Animated rider with Unity's animator (former Unity mechanim) and animator controller script with Get; Set; parameters. The animations are fully editable. The rider does not have falling animations/ ragdoll behavior upon falling as it is not physics driven.

Motorcycle, Rider and the Helmet, come in various colors which can be mixed and matched with ease.

Note : The characters apart from the main rider like stormtrooper and the alien character are not included with this asset. They are shown as an example of how the rider animator controller can be applied to any rig. The screenshots and videos also use post processing package to improve visual quality. The environment in the second preview video has not been included.

Example Scene Details

PolyCount Details :

Vertices : 102,700

Tris : 98,100

Objects : 17 in example scene

Texture Resolutions :

Majority : 1024 x 1024

Maximum Res : 4096 x 4096

Minimum Res : 256 x 256

Collision Meshes : Few meshes have colliders generated. Developer can select meshes and add mesh collider component manually.

Textures, Maps & Materials : Different objects have different textures and materials using Unity's standard shaders. Rider comes with very high resolution textures (4k). To improve speed, textures can be compressed to 1k for optimal performance and speed.

Required hardware and Low end & Mid Tier tests with the recommended settings provided in the documentation:

(Please check update log given below v1.2) The bike physics does not account for stunts like wheelie and stoppie. Planned to be included in further updates of this this package along with the inclusion of more motorcycle types and environments. (stoppie included in v1.2)

Please read the documentation to troubleshoot issues and get a better understanding of the working of the package

Update Log :


Initial Release


Fall prevention, Reduced turning radius, better defined COM


New motorcycle, new tyre models, branded tyre option, handle system bug fixes, wheelCol bug fixes, experimental stoppie maneuver on low speeds added. Rider's scale set to 1 and can be switched to humanoid without bone errors. (Still rigged as Generic for now). Thanking HDriver for testing the package and providing valuable feedback and suggestions for v1.2.


Fall prevention made standard. Bike will never fall. Minor turning improvements. Option for arcade type acceleration also added.


- Snappier Controls. Bike much faster. Improved braking distance. Fall prevention check temporarily disabled. For legacy script refer to the script in HDRP as HDRP asset has not been updated for v1.2.2. Speed breakers also removed from the default scene


- Steer Jitter minimized to a great extent.

- Now when the motorcycle falls, it resets rather than awkwardly glitching


- new Motorcycle 3 sports model added

- Maximum lean angle improved (fm ~31d t ~40d)

- Improved Camera scripts

- Tread normal maps added

- HDRP support revoked


- New Animations

- Weight Transfer Added

- Motorcycle faster, smoother and has a better handling

- Info panel added

- Steerhelper function allows variable speed stability. (To be improved)

- Road model via spline added


- Engine Sounds Boilerplate Feature Added

- Transitioned from Generic To Humanoid Character for easy retargeting

- New Bike Added

- Better, Neater Animations

- SteerHelper Improved

- Bug Fixes


- Active Ragdoll Update

- Maximum lean angle improved (fm ~40d t ~45d)

- Motorcycle Performance enhancements


- Rev limiter added to engine sounds

- Reset function fixed. [R to reset is immediate]


- Top speed increased with greater stability

- Maximum lean angle revised back to (fm ~35d t ~40d)

- Vibration Bug fixed


- Simple Setup Added

- Brake Lights Introduced

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